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Has anyone tried the fifth meteorite? (Archived)
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playingrobot1212/25 5:35PM
So Feebas is worthless now? (Archived)
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Pupu271612/25 5:34PM
Mega Sceptile... (Archived)
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skilly71212/25 5:33PM
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Happy holidays!!! and a gift I give to you all!! (Archived)paipr1012/25 5:30PM
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Cofagrigus set(post-Pokebank)? (Archived)
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ThatGuyOverDer1412/25 5:27PM
Christmas Wonder Trade (Archived)
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NINDOX1412/25 5:24PM
EV's for perish trap Mega-Gengar? (Archived)
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gna6471112/25 5:24PM
Mega Pinsir gets wings but Mega Heracross doesn't? (Archived)Doctor_Spanky612/25 5:19PM
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Which games can I trade directly with? (Archived)Abu_Danza712/25 5:13PM
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Why you people still talking about wondertomb? lol (Archived)Suiku712/25 5:09PM
This may or may not be a stupid question about the bank... (Archived)PokemonFan665312/25 5:08PM
Extremespeed Dratini Breedable? (Archived)
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tjpnoii1912/25 5:08PM
Pokemon should LEARN from Pokemon clones... (Archived)Aldath312/25 5:06PM