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I hate the Fairy type now.. (Archived)
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FryDays50001512/25 12:23AM
I found the "hidden code" in Gen V guys! (Archived)zelionx712/25 12:22AM
I have photographic proof that Entei gets Sacred Fire. (Archived)
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-Unowninator-2412/25 12:21AM
Holiday Pictures! (Archived)waterdeepchu112/25 12:21AM
has anyone gotten a soft-boiled clefairy/clefable yet? (Archived)random_noobie412/25 12:20AM
So what's the word on blatantly illegal moves? (Archived)KamariaK312/25 12:20AM
Clefable is one of my new favorite pokemon! (Archived)BoredSoUhmm1012/25 12:19AM
What happened to Swift Swim Feebas? (Archived)rey2812/25 12:12AM
A topic no one cares about (Archived)MrFingers07712/25 12:12AM
Illegal/Hacked Mons (Archived)kys916912/25 12:12AM
Thundorus in Pokemon X! (Archived)JustBizNis712/25 12:09AM
How many people here will be banned account for good? (Archived)Pupu27512/25 12:09AM
Anyone got their 6 IV Dittos through yet (Archived)zelionx312/25 12:08AM
Having a Chansey Safari really pays off now. (Archived)360pages912/25 12:07AM
I'm new to online pokemon, what is pokebank and why is it a big deal? (Archived)ruocco612/25 12:04AM
mega evolution (Archived)Tsukasa1891512/25 12:03AM
I got a Shiny Latias from wonder trade! (Archived)
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Hexgame1112/25 12:00AM
hadou mew legit check (Archived)
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americanbaka1312/24 11:56PM
Kurt's Balls are Passed to Gen 6 (Archived)
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MLaw3k2312/24 11:52PM
Just got a Shiny Giratina in Wonder Trade (Archived)TheGrayFoxLives612/24 11:52PM