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Regarding PokeBank for NA... (Archived)RemembranceSky61/21 5:13PM
barbaracle vs cloyster - Smashed (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark81/21 5:12PM
Pokebank out in Japan again. (Archived)
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SorrySleeping111/21 5:09PM
How effective are the power items? (Archived)wedontgetfooledagain31/21 5:08PM
Should Magnezone get Levitate? (Poll)
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Konyuna161/21 5:08PM
So how do collaterals work? (Archived)RadiantVaporeon81/21 5:06PM
I just found out that a pokemon I have had for months on a box was shiny lol (Archived)Dark04Saturn21/21 5:06PM
Has Nintendo/GF posted anything or are we going of twitter pictures (Archived)Domino17171761/21 5:05PM
I'm having Wi-Fi issues with my 3DS, so I can't check. Is Pokebank out yet? nt (Archived)Darkraiomb101/21 5:04PM
battle maison autonomize aegislash: adamant or other? (Archived)yummychop41/21 5:04PM
Pokebank out in Japan..again? (Archived)
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Xavi91121/21 5:03PM
Wow! the song from the guy on Coumarine City reminds me of Chrono Trigger (Archived)oq7ster71/21 4:59PM
PokeBank may be out but... (please read) (Archived)
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kazooie959161/21 4:59PM
Froakie + Sylveon (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4261/21 4:56PM
Soooo; PokeBattle sim. (Archived)SirPikachu61/21 4:54PM
Do you insist on a specific sex for a pokemon? (Poll)
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Dorami981/21 4:54PM
What if there were a Pokemon with an ability that inverted their type chart? (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_141/21 4:45PM
So now not only pokemon bank is off the e-shop (Archived)
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bfidle731/21 4:37PM
You know that bad feeling that slowly creeps up on you and then strikes? (Archived)bfidle31/21 4:35PM
New pokemon type: food (Archived)
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AIien803501/21 4:35PM