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Little pokebank video I made to show how you don't actually NEED pokebank. (Archived)
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Reuniclus or Slowking? (Archived)johnthuh71/23/2014
What is the BGM in the Replay? (Archived)Moe_Lester_1351/23/2014
Which is the fastest exp gain possible to get to lvl100? (Archived)Second_Hokage61/23/2014
Is there anything that can OHKO Cresselia? (Archived)
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You guys still playing Pokemon X/Y? (Archived)
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Please understand, it's not just Hoenn confirmed, it's Hoenn confirmed. (Archived)vermillion71991/23/2014
I need to talk to more NPC's (Archived)aj_hacker8741/23/2014
Would Poison Jab good on Weavile? (Archived)
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What should I put on GTS to get a Misdreavus? (Archived)
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Please take part in my statistical study. Gamefaqs Shiny Hunt! Take your chances (Poll)SH076UNNER71/23/2014
Foul Play Mechanics. (Archived)MLaw3k51/23/2014
any people playing pokemon x or y in my area?? (Archived)mrraiders76101/23/2014
It has to be a hydration sliggoo to stop the rain huh? (Archived)Chenmaster251/23/2014
Is Infiltrator Litwick released? (Archived)Jkickit31/23/2014
YR: Europe gets Pokebank, US doesn't (Archived)
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Lost and Found 5F, Hotel Richissme(sp?) (Archived)TableFlip21/23/2014
listen to me BAWWWW (Archived)mattgavin11/23/2014
"Nintendo is worst company in existence for not releasing Pokemon Bank yet" (Archived)
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I do EV's differently...... (Archived)
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