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What time does the store update? (Archived)On_The_Edge31/22/2014
Do you think there will be a male counterpart for Flabebe? Also... (Archived)darker9511/22/2014
Any way to access your pokemon boxes/PC before Santalune City? (Archived)Megumi sama21/22/2014
Zapdos counters bad pokemon like Snorlax, Umbreon, Scizor and friends. (Archived)
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I don't get it. (Archived)Chenmaster281/22/2014
What do you think of this review? (Archived)Taiphlosion11/22/2014
Question about Pokebank. (Archived)spealfan44421/22/2014
What do you think Bulbasaur tastes like? (Archived)
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When is GF goint to give us an interesting rival again? (Archived)
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Is the ratio 50/50 for passing down parent ability? (Archived)Oreos7491/22/2014
Any counter for transform ditto? (Archived)
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Blue vs Cynthia - Most recent appearance, Teams are equal level. (PWT) (Poll)
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Rate my team; what should I add? (Archived)BronyBeat41/22/2014
Why isn't there a item that extends the turns of TR like the weather rocks? (Archived)FryDays500071/22/2014
How does froakie get hydro pump at level 1? (Archived)R-A-V51/22/2014
If they remake the Gen 3 games without removing the need for HM slaves... (Archived)Shigmiya6481/22/2014
Update on the shiny swanna and shiny chansey giveaway! (Archived)dk210121/22/2014
Your Favorite Sets? (Archived)chew_man371/22/2014
What would be a good mega Blaziken build? (Archived)ridleyslayer2331/22/2014
Help! Missing Blastoisenite (Archived)ZivilynBane6491/22/2014