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I've got one more Feebas with a Prism Scale attached. (Archived)Azure_Flame101/1 8:14PM
Galvantula needs a friggin buff Gamefreak (Archived)
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MechaKirby141/1 8:14PM
Pretty easy solution to keep hackers offline (Archived)
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3DSRec541/1 8:11PM
Eevee is the most overrated gen 1 poke (Archived)
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WhereIsMegaMan181/1 8:11PM
Hacking? (Archived)
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abirch2013121/1 8:09PM
What's a good EV spread for this Rhyperior? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor71/1 8:08PM
Well at least he got a lot of hazards out (Archived)
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BlazeAssassin121/1 8:05PM
Why we should hack.. (Archived)
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Zerocrossings201/1 8:04PM
ferrothorn?? (Archived)ElaaX751/1 8:03PM
What Pokemon can balance my team well? (Archived)doomcrusader91/1 8:00PM
Putting the final touches on my Wi-Fi team; Critiques? (RMT) (Archived)
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yarrly121/1 8:00PM
Viable Lopunny sets? (Archived)
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TheForevergelo141/1 8:00PM
Favorite playable female trainer (Poll)
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NME_Enterprises221/1 7:59PM
My team has too many holes. Help with additions? (Archived)
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3DSRage111/1 7:52PM
So, is the best way to ev train... (Archived)
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maoriwarrior151/1 7:46PM
Good Porygon2 set? (Archived)KIngdomSora5091/1 7:46PM
Is it possible to breed a Dratini with outrage and dragon dance from a Haxourus? (Archived)DarkRay11771/1 7:40PM
how many of you (Poll)Lacrymosa14341/1 7:31PM
Pokerus level (Archived)destinyruler66651/1 7:24PM
And so, I'm done breeding competetive versions of even Gen 6 Pokemon (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram51/1 7:12PM