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This person didnt quit I commend him/her (Archived)mazarate11/23/2014
Instead of complaining and focusing on how Pokebank isn't out yet... (Archived)ophanseraph12371/23/2014
You sit down at a restaurant - The server brings you a plate with this Pokemon. (Archived)
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How would you guys do the EV spread of a Magnezone with (Archived)ToborTheRobot41/23/2014
All I play are people with ubers... (Archived)mazarate61/23/2014
Yay guys! TOP THREE! (Archived)
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Is Magician Delphox worth it? (Archived)
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Fate of your father spoilers (Archived)pkmnpkmn31/23/2014
Aegislash IV question (Archived)TehEpicRyuga21/23/2014
I have a couple of egg questions. (Archived)ridleyslayer2341/22/2014
If they do an enhanced remake of this game like Y/C/E/Pt, will you buy it? (Poll)
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Vs Recorder "Those late game hazards" (Archived)KiteDistel21/22/2014
Can't decide what to do with Cryogonal... (Archived)Raltrios61/22/2014
I defeated the E4 and Champion in 2:04 with Talonflame. (Archived)Nut_Nut61/22/2014
How much are you anticipating Valerie's anime debut? (Archived)
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best rain team? I want to use hydration btw (Archived)
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Typings that don't exist that you want to see? (Archived)
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Barely a half hour after I complain about here (Archived)AwesomeFawful41/22/2014
I'm laughing so hard... (Archived)
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What is preventing Noibat from catching the Pokerus? (Archived)Reptobismol51/22/2014