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Let's play a game! (Archived)
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1everdude111/20 1:19AM
Rate my sandstorm team :) (Archived)morlock3021/20 1:16AM
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Mega evolutions that look better than their original forms (Archived)Hi-Ho-Diddly-Do41/20 1:05AM
Pokemon Ability Inheritance with Ditto? (Archived)ekstrj61/20 1:04AM
Avalugg the mighty (Archived)pushstart8971/20 12:56AM
She waits alone, where is her throne? (Archived)
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msbeth111/20 12:37AM
Trade board for non-english speakers? (Archived)Adiroth81/20 12:33AM
why not just have a pokemon with infinite speed and atk (Archived)fakefire81/20 12:26AM
Mixed wall vs dedicated wall Sylveon (Archived)Yashiiiro11/20 12:20AM
Quick question aboot IVs. (Archived)AuroraUltima91/20 12:15AM
how come i cant breed sheer force totadial? (Archived)
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renothekid121/20 12:08AM
ITT: Make a Mega Evolution for your favorite Pokemon. (Archived)
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Puppyfaic461/20 12:06AM
All Hail the Mighty Pikachu (Archived)
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LegendaryMachie141/20 12:01AM
Hidden Power Question (Archived)CrackersTheCat51/20 12:00AM
I really like this game (Archived)mech dragon61/19 11:59PM
So what Fairy Pokemon do you like best so far? (Archived)
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Emerald_Melios711/19 11:56PM
Defense on MegaDactyl? (Archived)javel3461/19 11:48PM
need some number crunching expert (Archived)Falchionne71/19 11:33PM
Any good Serperior sets out there? (Archived)
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thenewgodofwar1121/19 11:33PM