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Would you buy a Pokemon tactics game that's different than Conquest? (Archived)SegavsCapcom101/12 8:12PM
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Starter Pokemon Hurt n' Heal (Archived)
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Traitor_Kratos621/12 7:59PM
The greatest strategies the playground will ever see! (Archived)
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Lightflame171/12 7:51PM
What nature should i breed onto a Sneasel for Weavile? (Archived)
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lilbean1217171/12 7:51PM
Wonder Trade now People! (Archived)Minato_oka61/12 7:42PM
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MithosEX151/12 7:37PM
3 Months later and... (Archived)
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Sloth9230191/12 7:37PM
Why does the competitive community have such double standard with typing? (Archived)
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iKhan88261/12 7:34PM
Post your Battle Spot wins-to-losses ratio (Archived)kclaujames11/12 7:33PM
Why does the fire type resist the fairy type? (Archived)
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WinterXeo261/12 7:31PM
fairy type should have been light type (Archived)
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thaosnake301/12 7:30PM
Ever perform a misplay that worked out in the end? (Archived)aburame1321/12 7:30PM
I'm marking my breeding rejects as 5 IVs and sending them off. (Archived)LightningAce1151/12 7:28PM
Anyone sweat during battle? (Archived)
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kclaujames181/12 7:27PM
So I have the Lens Case, how do I switch my eye color? (Archived)navi85441/12 7:26PM
What if they add a new Pokemon like Eeevee? (Archived)Noxatrox61/12 7:25PM