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Mega Ampharos is so good and yet no one uses it. (Archived)
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TickleTub191/1 5:17PM
I have yet to see some team without a Talonflame. (Archived)davidledsma101/1 5:17PM
If Lopunny had Sap Sipper what tier would it be (Archived)
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SwampertBadass281/1 5:17PM
Garchomp/M.Garchomp help (Archived)JudgeMaster41/1 5:16PM
Lost Cart (Archived)DarkPaladin100081/1 5:09PM
LOL@Swagger (Archived)discodancer7791/1 5:08PM
Is Snivy w/ HA available in gen X/Y yet? (Archived)Dannehh61/1 5:08PM
EV Spread for Pixilate Hyper Voice Sylveon (Archived)
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RemembranceSky171/1 5:07PM
Does anyone actually use Mega Manetric? (Archived)
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Blackcat0123171/1 5:06PM
Dream Radar worth it? (Archived)
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YoYoLeFtToRiTe321/1 5:03PM
Help evolving Haunter (Archived)GeorgieKnight1211/1 5:01PM
I bet Shauna looks cute when she cries (Archived)djmetal77731/1 5:00PM
My hilarious Furfrou set (Archived)
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Ace81892161/1 4:57PM
What's the obsession with Adamant Heatran? (Archived)Companion_Cube_61/1 4:52PM
So does Shiny Charm stack with, dream radar, and fishing chains? (Archived)paipr31/1 4:52PM
More PokeBank Success! (Archived)Razzbowski21/1 4:51PM
Oh Nintendo your so mean... (Archived)
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Chibi Sailor Rinoa221/1 4:49PM
To make up for this complete screw up pokebank's free trial should be extended (Archived)kabigon20101/1 4:45PM
where? (Archived)Gamehead8831/1 4:40PM
Feels like everyone else has got that 6 IV Jap Ditto except me... (Archived)
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fddsfsasf261/1 4:38PM