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Question About Vivillon Eggs? (Archived)chubimauk41/8 8:30PM
Do you think Valerie likes the rain? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger231/8 8:29PM
Whose bright idea was it to make Rain a Pain. (Archived)
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BackwardCap141/8 8:09PM
Playing on different 3DS's (Archived)MogMoogle141/8 8:09PM
Terrain implementation makes Skyla sad :{ (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger391/8 8:07PM
Where do I get shiny stone? (Archived)astrangeone41/8 8:06PM
What is you record with Shiny Pokemon (Archived)
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JMISBEST141/8 8:05PM
Should I go to the pokemon VGC tourment? It's fairly close. (Archived)
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CarefreeDude141/8 8:05PM
So I finally faced a swagger-themed team. (Archived)KRDsonic91/8 8:02PM
I hope GF hasnt given up on Zoroark :( (Archived)
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javel34211/8 8:01PM
what determines a baby pokemons pokeball? (Archived)sshadow500271/8 8:01PM
Another Battle Video Topic. (Archived)FalconPunch24581/8 8:00PM
YR: No more Mega Evolution's after Generation 6... (Archived)
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TheSnubbz111/8 7:54PM
Confession: One of the nicknames I could give to a Dragonite was Ord. (Archived)Chenmaster251/8 7:47PM
Frisk - is it useless in online battles? (Archived)
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WizardofHoth221/8 7:46PM
Shiny Male Buneary nicknames? (Archived)
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TheForevergelo301/8 7:46PM
M.Aggron nature/ev spread and eggs moves? (Archived)JudgeMaster11/8 7:45PM
ATTN: whoever it is with Nuzlocke as their ign (Archived)DemiseEnd11/8 7:41PM
am i just really unlucky breeding or what? (Archived)chelth31/8 7:39PM
How do I sign up for a VGC tournament? (Archived)TheForevergelo21/8 7:36PM