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Da heq? Okay...just what kind of luck am I getting in this game?!? (Archived)GMAnthony91/19 1:07PM
Curse on Rhyperior? (Archived)Nimbus30321/19 1:06PM
When it does a close-up on Nurse Joy. (Poll)
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Is_Corrupted171/19 1:01PM
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! Team (Archived)wind64a51/19 1:00PM
I just caught my first shinies! :D (Archived)Patapon25021/19 12:59PM
Most "Female" looking of the fully evolved starters: GEN II (Poll)
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FatReuniclus121/19 12:59PM
Anyone else's showdown ranking reset? (Archived)TheFAQKing41/19 12:54PM
Can I trust this website? (Archived)Chenmaster291/19 12:53PM
Most "Female" looking of the fully evolved starters: GEN I (Poll)
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FatReuniclus151/19 12:53PM
Read the Serebii POTW for s***'s and giggs. Knew I'd see a Delphox thing. (Archived)
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Cemith831/19 12:51PM
Still not sure how Balloon Popping works... (Archived)waterdeepchu61/19 12:51PM
I wanna be the very best (XY Opening theme) (Archived)
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raytan7585171/19 12:50PM
Item that's not Life Orb/Leftovers for a QD Volcarona? (Archived)xoing99971/19 12:50PM
CD: Gen 6 is a step down from Gen 5 but still enjoyable in its own right. (Archived)
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SegavsCapcom481/19 12:47PM
mega medicham viable or too paper? (Archived)
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Fidchel161/19 12:45PM
A lot of you guys are really black and white about how to battle. (Archived)
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GloryChaos181/19 12:45PM
Rain and Sligoo (Archived)RenaissanceGame31/19 12:45PM
So, I found a Wild Manectric... (Archived)
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Puppyfaic201/19 12:41PM
My breeding project: every pokemon that needs HP + Egg Moves (Archived)
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SpoonMan54321111/19 12:38PM
GTS server under maintenance (Archived)dk210131/19 12:36PM