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Breeding O -Power help (Archived)L3git0taku612/23 1:35PM
The only counter I can think of to Choice Band Azumarill is Mega Venusaur. (Archived)
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Chenmaster22612/23 1:35PM
Why cookie cutter EV spreads are not always the best option.. (Archived)
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TG_Wolf1312/23 1:31PM
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mega sharpedo vs giant octillary (Archived)wingblade98212/23 1:18PM
Berry Fields (Archived)RPGphreak1012/23 1:16PM
The only reason I'm excited for RSE remakes are hidden bases (Archived)
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On_The_Edge1312/23 1:15PM
BJTW-WWWW-WWW3-U2H4 laugh at how bad I am :) (Archived)KingChickadee1012/23 1:12PM
What else do I need to do? (Archived)NotetoSelf13312/23 1:10PM
rotom form question (Archived)SlyGamer1979312/23 1:09PM
At what time will Poke Bank launch today in JP? (Archived)SalsaSavant512/23 1:05PM
RIP Sharktooth (Archived)Wyvern56712/23 1:05PM
Anyone trading a togepi or know where to get one? (Archived)varietyhd212/23 1:02PM
Question - Weakness Policy/Stealth Rock? (Archived)unchamps15212/23 1:00PM
What are some spreads you've tried that work better than Smogon recoomendations? (Archived)
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Daemonscharm2012/23 12:56PM
Has anyone talked about a Kalos Clause? (Archived)
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Nickcool19961312/23 12:50PM
Instacheck for Android? (Archived)GamingMaster7512/23 12:49PM
Why did my opponent disconnect? (Archived)BottledPoe412/23 12:44PM
I don't understand Ledian. (Archived)
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Hydreigoon1412/23 12:44PM
How often should check up on my berries? (Archived)Inkydog26412/23 12:44PM