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So what do you think could use a buff still? (Archived)
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_Clinton681/14 8:02PM
You're "eligible to receive a bonus" if you have Black/White/Black2/White2, (Archived)
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TheError404161/14 8:01PM
Slaking mega evo? (Archived)
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Aalz-7341/14 7:58PM
expert chaining tips needed (Archived)Jarhhaip11/14 7:58PM
Can females with a hidden ability pass it when breeding with Ditto? (Archived)ridleyslayer2351/14 7:58PM
Does anyone else hate Cinccino? (Archived)
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3DSRec121/14 7:56PM
If there was a minigame in which you must tickle a Pokegirl into submission... (Archived)
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_RIDLEY_121/14 7:56PM
Maison suggestions (Archived)
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smogger1191/14 7:56PM
can you breed a pokemon to have hidden ability without passing it down? (Archived)toothpiq31/14 7:55PM
ITT: Details about Pokemon that you didn't notice until Gen 6. (Archived)CakeOfLies21/14 7:54PM
I want to grind Serena so hard (Archived)Heroicmoises31/14 7:50PM
Should megastones be able to be knock/tricked off? (Poll)
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Echo_djinn211/14 7:43PM
Ya know what I'd like in the next game/generation? (Archived)aliashubbatch41/14 7:38PM
Moveset for Pikachu? (Archived)vinhamon91/14 7:37PM
Do I really need a grass type? (Archived)Mcrakin8531/14 7:36PM
I just bred a 6IV torchic, but... (Archived)
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elnimio111/14 7:36PM
No more blazikenites for me. (Archived)LarsenSan91/14 7:32PM
uhh no CN code (Archived)toastedmuffin8951/14 7:30PM
Clefable really needs to have Softboiled re-released. (Archived)
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Judgmenl161/14 7:24PM
Help with Mega Abomasnow (Archived)WinterXeo31/14 7:23PM