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I've encountered next level Wonder Trade scum. (Archived)
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SorrySleeping431/11 8:41PM
Do you think that at some point, there's going to be a riot about Pokebank? (Poll)
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bfidle261/11 8:38PM
Garchomp or Haxorus? (Archived)lilbean121721/11 8:37PM
Your favorite Pokemon turns into your own.. (Archived)
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DrDon_Chi331/11 8:33PM
Does any one know that Jellicent is part ghost type? (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife181/11 8:32PM
Mega absol is a magnificent stall/prankster counter (Archived)Skye1223221/11 8:29PM
When's a good time to go wonder trading? (Archived)dk210151/11 8:22PM
I love my Pokemon Showdown Water Starters team! (Archived)
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Zyra10111/11 8:22PM
I have an EV question. (Archived)ridleyslayer2341/11 8:18PM
So Gamefreak could've made an app 2 transfer DS data 2 our Pokemon X and Y games (Archived)Chenmaster241/11 8:15PM
Has anyone else encountered this glitch..? (Archived)
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Limen123181/11 8:15PM
How do u change the genies forms (Archived)jsmaster7281/11 8:08PM
Which Pickup Pokemon would see a boost in use if...... (Archived)paipr41/11 8:07PM
Question (Archived)Thehatter70721/11 8:06PM
A dragon using Outrage 3 times consecutively under confusion without Lum Berry (Archived)kclaujames71/11 8:05PM
So... I got a 6IV Ditto (Archived)
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AoNoise221/11 8:05PM
What if a year of Pokebank was a Club Nintendo reward? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant161/11 8:01PM
Togekiss checks and counters? (Archived)
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chew_man3201/11 8:00PM
Pokemons you find cool, but still lacking to be reliable in battle (Archived)
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MindwalkerX281/11 7:57PM
So, when Friends and Acquaintances in the PSS use O-powers and you can snag them (Archived)Shigmiya6421/11 7:52PM