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Are we still under the impression that Team Rocket is the best team? (Archived)
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surferguy71612/22 12:48PM
Wanting some new team members, need ideas for under used unpopular Pokemon (Archived)jd_walker612/22 12:42PM
eevee team (Archived)Passiko312/22 12:41PM
Crobat the brave (Archived)Aqxz1212/22 12:40PM
use of play coins?? (Archived)heyjeyXY312/22 12:40PM
Has anyone tried Knock Off Gliscor yet? (Archived)Masemune_100512/22 12:39PM
Squirtle for Bulbasaur? (Archived)Rick3DSFan112/22 12:39PM
Pokemon confession (Archived)X-KID90512/22 12:32PM
Munchlax and Recycle (Archived)Bauer404112/22 12:29PM
Do YOU take the egg from the Day Care man? (Archived)Legend3000912/22 12:27PM
What's with the sad music that plays every time I kick Serena's ass? (Archived)
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Deadpool_181512/22 12:21PM
Kemzan's Egglocke (Archived)
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kemzan1112/22 12:18PM
Lucario is the best mega pokemon. (Archived)
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darealest474612/22 12:14PM
Why is Mega Gengar considered Banned? (Archived)
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Nathbuds1233912/22 12:07PM
I dunno if it's just me, but.. (Battle related) (Archived)aburame13112/22 12:07PM
Derpy looking pokemon team. (Archived)
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RippleLaser1312/22 12:05PM
When does pokemon bank come out? (Archived)WTFNightmare312/22 12:04PM
Post game.... (Archived)Diayamondo212/22 12:02PM
Should I dual screen slyveon? Or should I put as something else? (Archived)Darkfuse11012/22 11:53AM
help with team building? (Archived)rimram123112/22 11:51AM