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Apricorn ball for kricketot (Archived)gamemaster71241/20/2014
Look at it! LOOK AT IT! (Archived)
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What florges color do you like most? (Poll)Supersmashmater61/20/2014
Pokemon Sing Along (Archived)Equinox_Shift21/20/2014
Getting an iPhone,putting a Manaphy background on,& will call it my iPhione (Archived)
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Baroness Francine (Archived)TableFlip31/20/2014
Blizzard or Ice beam? (Archived)Heavenboy8851/20/2014
Tyranitar: Dragon Dance or Assault Vest? (Archived)Deimir51/20/2014
Need good nickname for Female Luxray! (Archived)
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Systems Booting Up... Battle Procedure Initiated... Warming Up... (Archived)TG_Wolf31/20/2014
help me with 6iv ditto (Archived)UnslainSolja21/20/2014
So whats a good substitute for Superpower with scizor? (Archived)morlock3021/20/2014
This game should have rubber banding (Poll)
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Best starters tournament round 3: Hoenn (Poll)
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Cloyster EV Spread? (Archived)Brewster12311/20/2014
Zangoose VS Sawsbuck: The battle of the century! (Archived)CaptainZangoose11/20/2014
Give a broken Pokemon a crap Mega Evo (No truant/defeatist/slow start) (Archived)
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Would another 3 year Generation bother you? (Archived)TheSnubbz101/20/2014
Why is Restaurant Left Wow better than the E4? (Archived)undeadkyle666101/20/2014
How to be allowed to enter and buy clothes from Lumiose style shop? (Archived)SuperSuikoden51/20/2014