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Which gen did it the best? Day 40 - Fire-types (Poll)
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Pokemon Z is already being hinted? (Archived)
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Funniest requests you have seen on gts? (Archived)
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Can evolved Pokemon Relearn "Start" moves? (Archived)Simba Jones41/19/2014
Im horrible at getting BP. Can anyone give me any help? (Archived)
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Master Ball (Archived)GT_Stud61/19/2014
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donphan or kleki? (Archived)Fidchel11/19/2014
Steath Rocks or Toxic Spikes? (Archived)RLutece81/19/2014
Top ten reasons why cubone is the bestest pokemon evar (Archived)
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check out my strategy (Archived)Awkward_Yoshi41/19/2014
How much speed should I run on CB Talonflame for online battles? (Archived)The Fir Coat81/19/2014
Best Presentation ever (Archived)LightFlower51/19/2014
Should I put hp evs into rotom wash? (Archived)
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Venusaur question (Archived)
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Let me pose a hypothetical for you guys. (Archived)xrayscope31/19/2014
How do you develop the patience to perfect IV, shiny pokes? (Archived)Cpt_Human41/19/2014
"I'm leaving the trade board because only 6IV shinies get attention." And so... (Archived)
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I could never defeat Ramos in real life (Archived)Shigmiya64101/19/2014
Just bred my first 6IV pokemon! (Archived)YOSHI47521/19/2014