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Can you trade pokemon holding items over gts? (Archived)Dark Gunner51/18 9:12AM
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Biased_Gamer131/18 8:46AM
What's a good build for my Goodra? (Archived)
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My first shiny! Ok to use it?? (Archived)NastyBlasty1731/18 8:35AM
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Which legendaries work well in Pokemon Amie? (Archived)KRDsonic41/18 8:27AM
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legendxofxsky171/18 8:22AM
What are all of Flareon and Glaceon's issues? (Archived)
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tremain07301/18 8:22AM
Is anyone else frustrated at the ideas of these smogon rules and tiers? (Archived)
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minun73511/18 8:16AM
How come the Japanese still haven't auctioned other Legendaries, yet? (Archived)Biased_Gamer21/18 8:10AM
If you could a one Pokemon in real life what would it be? (Archived)
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Logbas3511/18 8:08AM
YR: Greninja and Mega Khan exchanges their abilities. (Archived)kadabrium71/18 8:02AM
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I have a shiny tyrouge (Poll)SavageSunbobo31/18 7:48AM
What were your levels and pokemon when you beat the E4 ? (Archived)
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Laughing_Cat271/18 7:43AM
Your favorite Shiny of the new Pokemon? (Archived)
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NOM161/18 7:41AM