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Caught Mewtwo with Pokeball by luck!! (Archived)infernopro31/20/2014
Modest or Calm for porygon2? (Archived)Oreos7481/20/2014
Lilligant advise (Archived)AuroraUltima51/20/2014
Does the Walmart exclusive special edition have a different SKU / part number? (Archived)Boo_Mario41/20/2014
If dual chop had 100% accuracy dragon claw would fade away. (Archived)LightningAce1141/20/2014
I grabbed Ninetales's Tail... (Archived)
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How do l get Hidden Power Ice on Jolteon easily? (Archived)Dsurions_Wrath61/20/2014
Will an Aipom with Run Away... (Archived)Azure_Flame41/20/2014
Has the game crashed yet? (Archived)
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Super training and pokemon feeding training tutorial? (Archived)kenshindono41/20/2014
Haven't played in nearly 2 months... (Archived)pladium11/20/2014
If someone had told you a year before X/Y were announced that Charizard would be (Archived)
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WTing out a box of Jolly Meowths... (Archived)
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Gloomy or Tyrunt (Archived)Not_PielordX41/20/2014
Duck Team (Archived)
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ive accidently wondertraded a pokemon holding my destiny knot! (Archived)CarefreeDude51/20/2014
That creepy girl in Luminos city *spoilers* (Archived)Katharina2761/20/2014
Why are people mad about the lack of new pokemon? (Archived)
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What do you think of the lack of/limited move tutors in this game? (Archived)
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mech dragon121/20/2014
Good build for Tyrantrum (Archived)hugo-n-kisses21/20/2014