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Shiny Regirock looks like it's made out of chocolate (Archived)gavinlee99961/20/2014
which champion would win in a fight *spoilers for all games* (Archived)
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Let's burn this Dragonite! (Archived)hodelino41/20/2014
Should Ho-oh Get Huge Power? (Poll)BurnedPotatoes101/20/2014
Typings that do exist that you'd rather didn't? (Archived)
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My New competitive team idea. Please rate. (Archived)minun7371/20/2014
Why is Electrode the fastest gen 1 Pokemon? (Archived)
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What is "good enough" for Wonder Trade? (Archived)
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Chain traded all day and.... (Archived)King_of_Flan51/20/2014
Why I'm flattered! (Archived)navi85421/20/2014
Fastest way to breed a 5IV HA Baton Pass Blaziken? (Archived)
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The best pokemon with a terrible type combination (Archived)
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PSA: When trading, offer rather than look for offers. (Archived)Taiphlosion31/20/2014
FS shining hunting is so random sometimes. (Archived)marioparty1751/20/2014
Imagine Sylveon with lipstick. (Archived)IngSlayer51/20/2014
GF should really adhere smogon rules (Archived)
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Hey people, about Luvdisc? (Archived)
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a couple of very newbish questions (Archived)animalswillrule41/20/2014
Best feature you think Game Freak won't bring back for the next main games? (Archived)HolyCorsair91/20/2014
Battle videos!!!!! (Archived)Brewster12331/20/2014