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Do you play by Smogon rules; how do you react to other rulesets? (Poll)LagoonTheCursed41/5 4:25PM
Well I should have gotten now all none event legendaries. (Archived)wolfwing41/5 4:24PM
Feels like I've been chasing this Zapdos forever (Archived)KingOfGames91531/5 4:12PM
You can pokegen Kalos region pokes (Archived)
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ForgottenTime3361/5 4:12PM
ITT, you post all your competitive teams (Archived)
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King_of_Flan111/5 4:09PM
How to tell what my Friend Safari is? (Archived)jakenlucas61/5 4:08PM
How on earth do I get aron? (Archived)
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hellbait111/5 4:08PM
Been playing for two days now (Archived)BluesSoul61751/5 4:06PM
Where do you battle? (Poll)Hoozah12371/5 4:04PM
Dangit! Where did I get that Girafirig from?! (Archived)Jigglybuff61/5 4:04PM
I heard that Defog got Buffed this Gen (Archived)Turbo_TRex51/5 4:03PM
My first shiny! (Archived)Reks_Coulter51/5 4:00PM
Has anyone tried splash in an inverse battle? (Archived)chickennuggetMM41/5 4:00PM
Competitive breeding is pretty difficult to master (Archived)
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Tyranidomega111/5 3:56PM
...I actually won? (Archived)
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Runeofnite121/5 3:54PM
Man, poor Oceania (Archived)EmptyStar1221/5 3:52PM
Swept an entire team with Talonflame. (Archived)
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Emp_ImOnWelfare231/5 3:47PM
So apparently I messed up my EV training with my Scizor. (Archived)Chenmaster231/5 3:44PM
when you mega evolve a pokemon does the stone get consumed (Archived)
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IndianaJones65121/5 3:42PM
Wow. I just payed a guy that was using a non-Gale Wings Talonflame (Archived)
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Pervert_Kuhn271/5 3:39PM