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What pokemon has recover than you can fight or catch in game? (Archived)
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When your horde EV train (Archived)ZX_Cloud81/19/2014
Convince me why Speed is or isn't important for a Guts Luxray build (Archived)AsianSuperman91/19/2014
Nature vs. IV (Archived)UUTrainer21/19/2014
Assault Vest and Milotic Question (Archived)RLutece91/19/2014
IV breeding and the items. (Archived)
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I was traded this Poke last night, & would like to know how rare it it... (Archived)richisdisturbed61/19/2014
So, which of the following type nerfs are you not used to? (Poll)
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About the MAX O-Powers (Archived)Bendok81/19/2014
Pokemon Plush collectors. (Archived)Chenmaster261/19/2014
Favourite Pokeball (Based on either form or function, or both) (Poll)
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Pokemon event question (Archived)nightwing57041/19/2014
Nenes Celebi (Archived)Toonful11/19/2014
If you don't LOL at this there is something wrong with you. (Archived)MysteriousZ41/19/2014
leveling question (Archived)clogon31/19/2014
Such a cute in-game moment... (Archived)VergilsGirl61/19/2014
good Counters for . . .. (Archived)
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How to avoid common winning mistakes. (Archived)fedartz101/19/2014
Without including shines, what would be the HARDEST breeding project? (Archived)
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What to name my Shiny Chesnaught? Best answer gets free unown. (Archived)
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