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Why dont I ever see any gravity teams? (Archived)ktbandit812/18 12:02PM
Using Excadrill as a rapid spinner, EV's in speed or health? (Archived)
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gna6471312/18 12:01PM
Garchomp set? (Archived)
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MaiSoryu1512/18 11:58AM
Anybody else think Lysandre shoulda used this shiny *spoilers* (Archived)Chaos_Colonel312/18 11:56AM
Viable strategy or not (Archived)Hawkeyes_Mihawk512/18 11:55AM
Just found out that the first Xerneas I caught has the following spread... (Archived)tako310212/18 11:55AM
Matching Flabebe with Poke Ball color (Archived)mecha-man312/18 11:52AM
Hypothetically, if Celebi were to become Grass/Fairy would that keep in OU? (Archived)SorceressTharja912/18 11:49AM
What can I get for a starf berry I have like 40 of them? (Archived)supermanfans83412/18 11:47AM
Will you use a hacked 6 IV Ditto when Pokebank comes out? (Poll)
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Safer_7775212/18 11:46AM
Do you think this free Celebi has any significance? (Archived)
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endergamer5371212/18 11:45AM
Good sunny day pokemon (Archived)Le_random_name112/18 11:40AM
My Sitrus Berry didn't activate until my Azumarill's HP was red. (Video inside) (Archived)-Unowninator-912/18 11:40AM
this is my most desperate battle yet @___@ (Archived)gna647112/18 11:33AM
Found a shiny Adamant Pupitar on my way to work today... (Archived)
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ImOver90002112/18 11:32AM
Of all the Pokemon that can get it, which one utilises weak armour the best? (Archived)legendrider212/18 11:29AM
Is this game worth buying? Trying to decide on what I want for Xmas. (Archived)
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Diayamondo1512/18 11:24AM
So is mix Aegislash the best Aegislash set at the moment? (Archived)MrFingers07912/18 11:23AM
Pokemon team idea (Archived)Adumigan112/18 11:23AM
questions on items (Archived)loto00812/18 11:23AM