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Who would you change the champion to? (Archived)
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EV Training question (Archived)Ace8189261/19/2014
Would you eat a Cherubi to survive from starving? (Archived)
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Best rendition of Gen 1's Champion Theme? (Poll)legendrider71/19/2014
Dumb question, lets say I caught a Beautifly and then hatch some Wurmple (Archived)MrFingers0741/19/2014
Are you Nice on the GTS? (Poll)
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Can Shauna Give You A Shiny Starter? (Archived)Batskies71/19/2014
Game: You're EV training you're Litwick in Speed? That's f***ing cute. (shiny) (Archived)
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Legendaries in Pokemon amie are adorable (Archived)
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Can you even catch a ditto that has "outstanding" IVs in a safari? (Archived)
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Shedinja (Archived)
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XY Location Speculation Theory (Archived)
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Pokemon X and Y: Good, Bad...Disappointing (Archived)
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Beat the E4, went to kiloude city, what do i do now ? (Archived)Laughing_Cat71/19/2014
So I've been stepping out from theory and actually battling UU for a change... (Archived)
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Most tedious pokemon you bred IVs for? (Archived)bbkkristian81/19/2014
egg moves for Chinchou (Archived)choicespec101/19/2014
Is it mean if you catch a Ditto, put it in GTS, write in description: "6IV" (Archived)SageKabuto101/19/2014
Why is Bidoof.. (Archived)RemembranceSky51/19/2014
Let's start a WT revolution! (Archived)RemembranceSky41/19/2014