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Something cute for all you stressed pokemon trainers. (Archived)AuroraUltima61/18/2014
Getting ready to head out into the Ice cave my team ready? (Archived)tremain0741/18/2014
tyrantrum and ev defense (Archived)cruel_death21/18/2014
post here if you made it to over 50 wins in Battle Maison without cheap tactics. (Archived)
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Return of the Forfeit Part 2, v2.1, Redux, Retribution.. (Archived)TG_Wolf11/18/2014
The Key To Winning is to Always Tighten Your Focus.. (Archived)TG_Wolf31/18/2014
Haven't played since around Halloween, what did I miss? (Archived)Nordini61/18/2014
Is it worth it? (Archived)Dark_Magikarp71/18/2014
Good Ghost Type? (Archived)RLutece81/18/2014
I want a hybrid wall that has some form of Ground immunity. What are my options? (Archived)wantfastcars91/18/2014
Someone help me understand 2nd gen, how did team rocket get back *spoiler* (Archived)RemixDeluxe101/18/2014
Did they change how Quick and Wide Guard works now? (Archived)tadashii1831/18/2014
Your real life Elite 4 team- XY (Archived)
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Is this a good Heatran? (Archived)AwkwardTurtle2651/18/2014
Finally..... (Archived)FryDays500051/18/2014
Anyone want to trade Charizard X for Charizard Y?! (Archived)jerremiel11/18/2014
One more night: Rate or Help make my VGC team better! (Archived)
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C'mon, Balloon Pop, gimme a Disc! (Archived)
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And The Forfeits Just Keep on Coming.. (Archived)TG_Wolf41/18/2014
So what are you doing in pokemon now? (Archived)
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