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Best starters tournament round 2: Johto (Poll)
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SegavsCapcom231/17 4:41AM
What's Purple, Sleek and Unable to Tell the Truth? (Archived)TG_Wolf31/17 4:35AM
With bank not out still, starting to grow desperate for 6IV ditto. (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42201/17 4:34AM
Frilly the Dinosaur.. (Archived)TG_Wolf81/17 4:31AM
zoark glitch (Archived)
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Wtf.. Am I tired and made a mistake X_X (Archived)UntimidatingBum31/17 4:05AM
Is this a good Mansion team? (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr81/17 4:03AM
I finally completed a successful nuzlocke! (Archived)RumPumpkin11/17 4:02AM
Universal release date was too good to be true, we should've known better. (Archived)pokemon2poker91/17 4:00AM
Hacked kalos poleson GTS (Archived)
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sid94974201/17 4:00AM
Ever have someone do an odd mistake like this in battle? (Archived)Number4321/17 3:59AM
Shall we make our own wifi rules for this board? (Archived)
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LightningAce11181/17 3:44AM
Construct a moveset for this Pokemon without looking at Smogon's build lists (Archived)
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Azure_Flame1041/17 3:25AM
Since Smogon Reset the Ladder (Change to Elo) how are you guys doing? (Archived)Judgmenl71/17 3:09AM
So, about Event Pokemon. (Archived)Gogito481/17 3:07AM
Rotom-H setup? (Archived)toon_link_34631/17 3:07AM
So Pokemon help? Baton Pass (Archived)GravelKing51/17 2:43AM
So I've been balloon popping and (Archived)
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tdsr111/17 2:37AM
why isn't synchronize working? (Archived)toothpiq71/17 2:29AM
Best Round user for Pixilate Sylveon in doubles? (Archived)SomeLikeItHoth21/17 2:19AM