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So what things related to this game have you done since Dec 27th? (Poll)
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Zerocrossings221/11 9:47PM
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rhyperior vs golurk (Archived)
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Hail_Berserk211/11 9:38PM
Who has more bulk: Blastoise, or Starmie? (Archived)BurnedPotatoes101/11 9:32PM
Anyone miss infinite weather? (Archived)
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BestInTheWorId291/11 9:28PM
You are stuck in a room with a genwunner, a TM, and Talonflame (Archived)
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TableFlip561/11 9:23PM
Non-Sub Using Gliscor set? (Archived)RLutece51/11 9:16PM
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kclaujames141/11 9:07PM
Caught Heatran(Black 2), how are these IVs? (Archived)
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ThatGuyOverDer111/11 9:06PM
Anyone know pokemon that loses points in stats as it evolves? (Archived)
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Trailblazer34141/11 9:02PM