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im never gonna get the gold trainer card... (Archived)
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Fsas_drummer211/3 2:31PM
Ability Rater Day 20: Compound Eyes (Poll)
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ssupermario92141/3 2:27PM
hacked pokemon? (Archived)
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Passiko111/3 2:22PM
So, I was looking through the stuff I got in WT for my Eevee... (Archived)tarzanmx71/3 2:17PM
I'm tempted to just say forget pokebank and... (Archived)360pages91/3 2:10PM
Porygon2 vs PorygonZ (Archived)stein-vok41/3 2:08PM
Playing with friends (Archived)RemembranceSky101/3 2:08PM
lol! mega breloom OP (Archived)FizzyFloat11/3 2:08PM
[Discussion] Top 5 pokemons on ranked battle spot (singles)+your peak ratings (Archived)NoodleStud81/3 2:01PM
Masuda Method questionss (Archived)vinhamon41/3 1:57PM
i just got my first wild shiny pokemon!! (Archived)Moulder77691/3 1:56PM
Well its nice that you sent me a Cottonee through wonder trade... (Archived)eurytomid91/3 1:42PM
Can Anyone Help Me Out? (Archived)
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Smazhh271/3 1:39PM
How does Snorlax use whirlwind? (Archived)TC983491/3 1:35PM
Is this the gen of bug types? (Archived)
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BoogieIsBack121/3 1:34PM
Lets make this Showdown Official.... (Archived)
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Sniffygull391/3 1:30PM
sceptile (Archived)jj34451/3 1:30PM
Not sure if this was ever confirmed or not but is its impossible to get... (Archived)Tales_of_10171/3 1:30PM
Gliscor, Impish ideas? (Archived)LucarioAura81/3 1:26PM
I have a Modest 6 IV Eevee and I want to ask... (Archived)
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Safer_777161/3 1:21PM