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Lol just got the following in the GTS. (Archived)ArmoredGuns51/18/2014
Garchomp is the new Chuck Norris (Archived)
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Ability Capsules and HA (Archived)Trikor51/18/2014
I would totally want to have a nice chat with that premier trainer. (Archived)Chenmaster291/18/2014
New to online battles. I'm getting stomped until it's no fun. (Archived)
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I never used Friend Safari, I have two questions about it (Archived)
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looking for egg move and nature suggestions (Archived)Jediknight198541/18/2014
YR: Gen 7 allows you to perfectly control IV inheritance (Archived)Dorami91/18/2014
ITT: We fix pokemons' base stats to make them stronger/balance them (Archived)
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If you think Big D is bad... (Archived)
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Volcarona with Solar Beam and Power Herb? (Archived)xoing99951/18/2014
Swampert owns -vid inside (Archived)Moe_Lester_1311/18/2014
Should GameFreak make the Gym Leaders more stronger? (Archived)
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is there a rock,paper sciccors thing going on? (Archived)cabcalloway198331/18/2014
RMT II (uu) (Archived)
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Any ever use in game mail? (Archived)Blade_Nolen31/18/2014
Masuda Methoding Cyndaquil (Archived)Ultima_Wraith11/18/2014
So the more medals I have the more attractions I can play in the future? (Archived)Chenmaster241/18/2014
Gen 6 Eviolite Users (Archived)Flaring-Nova41/18/2014
First Ubers match in PS. (Archived)Haronks21/18/2014