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toothpiq161/16 11:24PM
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I did something I will regret forever. (Archived)
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EnjoyYourBan231/16 11:08PM
What should I turn my shiny Eevee into? (Archived)
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pythonkid121/16 11:06PM
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What's the ratio for male and female nidoran breeding? (Archived)Oreos7421/16 10:45PM
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Pokemon Global Link is trash. (Archived)Mean_Beanie51/16 10:32PM
Giga drain on Comp. Venasaur. (Archived)kainadragoon11/16 10:31PM
which pokemon make best use of hp ice? (Archived)
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Absolutezero93171/16 10:31PM
What if Pokemon had no legendaries (Archived)Isiah Zombie71/16 10:27PM
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The Day-Care Man is a liar. (Archived)Kyyubiofdark31/16 10:13PM
Just finished crying, froakie related. (Archived)
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AChubbyNun151/16 10:11PM
Trying to make a team without OU's, how is this? (Archived)
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Oreos74291/16 10:09PM
Do I have to outspeed my opponent for Destiny Bond to work? (Archived)KingOfGames91561/16 10:09PM
Need (easy) help from active POKEBANK user (Archived)jesedmoga31/16 10:07PM