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PSA: You can/will/might be banned/suspended for hacking/scamming/cheating topics (Archived)
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RatheV391/10 9:20AM
Next Pokemon Game 2014 or 2015? (Archived)
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ZombieTJ101351/10 9:20AM
Though I do not condone it, I can see why people purchase 5/6IV Shinies on eBay. (Archived)inavnwor51/10 9:17AM
What happens if I use Power Split on Aegislash, and then it changes formes? (Archived)
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-Unowninator-151/10 9:12AM
This topic requires your immediate attention. (Archived)ChicagoTed_11/10 9:10AM
Build me a team from these resoucres! (Archived)Raltrios31/10 9:09AM
Is pikachu the only pokemon that says its name in game? (Archived)
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mistrfantasy211/10 9:08AM
"Ooh, boy, maybe I'll get something nice on WT today!" (Archived)
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aurumArgentum171/10 9:04AM
Best egg moves for M.Aggron? (Archived)JudgeMaster31/10 9:00AM
My First 6IV Pokemon (Archived)
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Mirnchan121/10 8:58AM
Why's Chimchar such a pain? (Archived)
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The6thSuvivor221/10 8:51AM
How do i check the Ivs? (Archived)Large_Whale61/10 8:50AM
True or False? (Archived)Fidchel71/10 8:48AM
Latios, Skarmory, and Chansey is my 3v3 team for online & Maison. (Archived)thebrawler5671/10 8:48AM
Why they don't know... (Archived)The Eternal Evil31/10 8:40AM
You know, the next dragon that they do has to look like a real dragon. (Archived)
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LightningAce11641/10 8:28AM
Rated Battles and Pokemon Bank (Archived)waterdeepchu81/10 8:27AM
Obtaining Mega Blaziken after the event? (Archived)
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ZombieTJ101161/10 8:25AM
So if the added new forms (or Mega Evolutions) in Pokemon Z... (Archived)Nightstar199431/10 8:22AM
Which stat to sacrifice for Hasty nature? (Archived)
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kennetic131/10 8:17AM