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Got two perfect Sneasels. (Not really a trade topic) (Archived)Xavuu81/18/2014
If every team pokemon and/or team can be countered.. (Archived)Smasher12345681/18/2014
An honest question about Smogon (Archived)
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What should I put in Emboars FOURTH move slot? (Archived)thenewgodofwar191/18/2014
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Yveltal is now the most badass Legendary Pokemon (Archived)
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Competitive battlers: Does it help you relax? (Archived)tarzanmx71/18/2014
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Trading Shiny pokemon! (Archived)Eevee_Lover1811/18/2014
POLL: First thing you transfer once PokeBank/Transporter is released? (Poll)
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Anyone else feel hopeless when it comes to completing the Pokedex? (Archived)
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Advice on Gogoat ability (Archived)Callista0841/18/2014
Your reaction: Nintendo announces that the next main-series PKMN game... (Archived)
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Is there a move to boost Sp Def 2 stages? (Archived)MegaSableye71/18/2014
Here it is, the fabled Legendary Bidoof (Archived)
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double team any good? (Archived)
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