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One of my first Uber games. (Archived)Paper_Okami61/16 7:42PM
Question about Hordes and EV training (Archived)
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NOM111/16 7:41PM
Somehow every perfect 5IV Pokemon i get is female (Archived)Daemonscharm81/16 7:41PM
Pokemon breeding recommendations? (Archived)xbombr61/16 7:39PM
I'm marking 4 to 5 random things on each pokemon, and wonder trading them (Archived)pythonkid91/16 7:34PM
how many ivs can a friend safari pokemon at at max (Archived)setokaiba40031/16 7:31PM
What are the Pikachu clones good for? (Archived)
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mech dragon251/16 7:24PM
Do you get something for having seen all the Regional Pokemon? (Archived)mech dragon21/16 7:20PM
meh... i'm bored, suggest a pokemon* for me to use on showdown (Archived)
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MrFingers07561/16 7:20PM
I bet there is going to be an announcement about bank tomorrow from nintendo/GF (Archived)pythonkid31/16 7:17PM
super duper secret i found during trading (Archived)Run_2_the_Hills31/16 7:11PM
how much money do you have in x/y? (Archived)
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toothpiq161/16 7:09PM
Question about IV's (Archived)
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MickyG999191/16 7:08PM
26 year old man here, am I too old for this game? (pokemon) (Archived)
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MojoMisc1451/16 7:08PM
There needs to be a "chef" Pokemon. (Archived)LightningAce1151/16 7:05PM
Which should I choose (Archived)kagenoronin8751/16 7:00PM
I regret... (Archived)GameCDark41/16 6:53PM
About the current trading economy... (Archived)
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luangm191/16 6:49PM
Best 3rd pokemon for Maison (Archived)pkmnpkmn31/16 6:46PM
C/D Oak should have a cameo in all pokemon games. (Archived)Laughing_Cat61/16 6:45PM