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Someone knows a good Mega Pinsir and Mega Heracross builds? (Archived)thiaguinhohp61/2 9:24PM
Are there any good female battlers? (Archived)
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Diayamondo841/2 9:24PM
Hatched a Shiny Frillish!! Keep for Competitive? (Archived)CALIFORNIAN9321/2 9:23PM
Which Pokemon are NOT required to get the Shiny Charm? (Archived)FoundAUsername51/2 9:22PM
Is Simipour Whoopi Goldberg? (Archived)Moulder77641/2 9:20PM
How well would a Sheer Force Assault Vest Nidoking work? (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn81/2 9:20PM
Team building help (Archived)jsmaster7221/2 9:18PM
What does the pokeball icon on GTS mean? (Archived)The_Last_Azn41/2 9:14PM
So pokemon hatch with the pokeball of their parent? (Archived)Jkickit71/2 9:14PM
fastest you leveled to the max (Archived)YoyokuKO21/2 9:12PM
Stuff nobody says about Pokemon. (Archived)
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andrewx72291/2 9:11PM
Good offensive Mega for a rain team? (Archived)
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Jaddow111/2 9:06PM
Your opinion on Pokephilia? (Poll)
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TkShot541/2 9:03PM
are treecko with.... (Archived)X-KID9051/2 9:02PM
Can Scyther learn Bug Bite via breeding? (Archived)Rouenne31/2 8:56PM
Cant think off a good Grumpig moveset (Archived)fedartz31/2 8:55PM
Some Question that is bugging me (Archived)stealthwolf2251/2 8:54PM
Omanyte won't breed for toxic spikes (Archived)
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Denngar211/2 8:53PM
Can someone post a link to the Safari boards? (Archived)zCompuLsive41/2 8:51PM
Anyone else have this happen? (Archived)littlekingryno21/2 8:50PM