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Some kind of weird glitch <_< (Archived)Vito219612/18 6:30AM
Will the Shiny Charm be in this game? (Archived)RedRiolu447512/18 6:26AM
Cheating in this game makes it a joke (Archived)
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daedricdeath1214112/18 6:22AM
Is there a GOOD list of what incense goes to what baby? (Archived)
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wolfwing1212/18 6:14AM
Freeze Dry decent alternative to Icicle Crash? (Archived)DukeGogoat512/18 5:47AM
How to download Battle Videos? (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh712/18 5:47AM
Ktar's Nuzlocke-Style Challenge- a log and story (Archived)
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Ktarian3012/18 5:32AM
The inevitable Z won't just be an updated retelling, it will be a different POV (Archived)
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MasterSpectrobe1412/18 5:18AM
What's the best way to evolve eevee to umbreon (Archived)
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Nardjr161112/18 5:18AM
Ev Training Help (Archived)TeamElekid212/18 5:12AM
a little help please :) (Archived)clayton1123212/18 4:59AM
Magic Bounce on Mega Absol (Archived)PoopMasterGoetz212/18 4:41AM
What was the tragedy that caused the lost hotel to end up in ruins? (Archived)R-A-V712/18 4:38AM
Schooled by a baby team (Archived)
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Twilite_shards1512/18 4:32AM
double battle help. (Archived)Kafei_Anju812/18 4:26AM
So when people rage quit (Archived)Crayonmuffin612/18 4:20AM
My Pokerus isn't spreading (Archived)
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Traitor_Kratos1412/18 4:16AM
Anyone else having a blast on Battle Spot again? (Archived)
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K_of_Spades5012/18 4:15AM
Using substitute? (Archived)joey11223612/18 3:56AM
Pokemon-Amie help? (Archived)krakos000312/18 3:50AM