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Is there an easy way to wondertrade a ton of pokemon? (Archived)Kementarri21/3 9:11PM
Is there some trick to getting eggs to appear in the daycare? (Archived)
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xoing999111/3 9:09PM
Do Items on pokemon carry over on Pokebank? (Archived)NINDOX51/3 9:01PM
Why don't a lot of people play competitive? (Archived)
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TickleTub2221/3 9:00PM
Gonna try and hatch a shiney froakie, but... (Archived)BackwardCap31/3 8:55PM
Gardevoir EV spread help (Archived)Turtleatlaw11/3 8:52PM
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Looking at stats mega latias could be the best tank of all time (Archived)gamepimp1281/3 8:42PM
Pokebank and previous gen exclusive text symbols question (Archived)SniperNightOwl41/3 8:39PM
What is this I don't even... (Archived)Polimario11/3 8:37PM
About how many Pokemiles should I keep on my game? (Archived)rojse91/3 8:32PM
Why do so many rather play on showdown than in game? (Poll)
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Rayquaza_is_Z131/3 8:23PM
So, Nature / EV for SB Scolipede? (Archived)Jamirus251/3 8:21PM
Lets say I have 5 lv 81+ pickup pokes and want leftovers (Archived)jaimito_vond81/3 8:20PM
Your Luck with Masuda Method so far? pt3 - Shiny Quests! (Redux) (Archived)
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M1DN1T3721/3 8:19PM
Breeding Question? (Archived)Jessie201281/3 8:12PM
YR: Pokemile attraction rewards are unreleased berries and gems (Archived)Nopegineer61/3 8:09PM
Does EVERYONE have foul play on their team? (Archived)giants928151/3 8:01PM
My Infernape won't relearn Thunder Punch when it had it as Chimchar (Archived)Kinamatsa91/3 8:00PM
Can you get event legendaries on the GTS (Archived)fossilrabbit31/3 7:59PM