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Can male smeargle pass down it's sketch moves to a female smeargle? (Archived)BoogieIsBack21/9 9:06PM
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What's the worst design GF has come up with for a Pokemon? (Poll)
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Scynt881/9 9:05PM
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Mega Gengar Moveset (Archived)
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SkyeAssasin161/9 9:01PM
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Right nature + max right EVs good enough to battle? (Archived)NastyBlasty1781/9 8:53PM
Does Synchronoise (move) really have no draw back? (Archived)
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jb08045171/9 8:51PM
masuda method a cause of frustration and stress (Archived)
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Serpent9891191/9 8:50PM
Doing the Elite 4 my Mega-Blastoise just swept the fire gal. (Archived)Judgmenl81/9 8:48PM
*sigh* Freaking gts.... (Archived)astrangeone31/9 8:48PM
Avalanche or Ice Punch Swampert? (Archived)
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Spiral55111/9 8:47PM
Just finished watching Pokemon Origins (Archived)
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Juiceboy_Jeff261/9 8:43PM
Wonder Trades (Poll)
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AboveTopSecret291/9 8:42PM
Any way to check exact IV's at level 1? (Archived)Oreos7491/9 8:39PM
anyone playing on an XL? does the right speaker crackle? (Archived)YoyokuKO61/9 8:34PM
Help me finish my team! (Archived)liveman78931/9 8:29PM
Truly, Charizard is the most badass of all the starters. (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis111/9 8:27PM