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If anyone is a fan of both vocaloid and eeveelutions you might like this (Archived)Furryyiffer91/18/2014
question 2: how should i ev train the ralts i get from diana? (Archived)hesu200021/18/2014
how should i ev traine my talonflame? (Archived)hesu200081/18/2014
paralysis and speed reduction (Archived)
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Help me with this Cleric Cherrim (Archived)navi85461/18/2014
How many eggs did you have to hatch to get your first Masuda shiny? (Archived)pafbonk101/18/2014
So I wanna be competitive. I can stand dealing with Natures, egg moves and all.. (Archived)Dark Gunner71/18/2014
I like the potential of X and Y and I think it was a great RPG for 3DS (Archived)F1areaGaman41/18/2014
What would be a good Tyrantrum build? (Archived)ridleyslayer2381/18/2014
First recorded online battle, please rate. (Archived)Dorami101/18/2014
Last night VGC RMT! (Archived)
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What did you guys trade for Pokebank pokemon? like Dialga? (Archived)Darkdemon8910101/18/2014
You can really get anything for a pokemon with high IVs and hidden ability huh? (Archived)dk210141/18/2014
Can Lucario relearn Aura Sphere right off the bat? (Archived)CookieMarvin31/18/2014
Azumarill's counter list should be longer than just three pokemon. (Archived)
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acused of cheating for OHKO Ninetails with Talonflame BB,calcs help (Archived)Ren-Drako91/18/2014
Jolly or adamant for SD talonflame? (Archived)kadabrium11/18/2014
I feel like the online theme is "Use OU's or die." (Archived)
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Things you didn't know during your first playthrough (Archived)PokemonVeteran31/18/2014
Pokemon is oddly stressing me out right now. (Archived)Dark Gunner81/18/2014