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Can anything unboosted OHKO Evolite Porygon2? (Archived)
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Why exactly can't Game Freak program Explosion to... (Archived)Roc_Raida31/18/2014
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YR: Satoshi Tajiri becomes Director of Board at Game Freak again next Gen.. (Archived)TheSnubbz101/18/2014
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Can Ditto pass down the Pokeballs? (Archived)ArmoredGuns41/18/2014
I wanted to post a Pokemon X review, but then I broke my iPad (Archived)
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Chansey with Imposter (Archived)kclaujames81/18/2014
All of a sudden, SHINIES! (Archived)iron123impact31/18/2014
What if garchomp got parental bond? (Archived)LightningAce1151/18/2014
Things you want in the third installment (Archived)MissCarriage41/18/2014
Man, I love Porygon2 (Archived)Blackcat012341/18/2014
if i breed a japan pokemon with an amarican ditto what will the baby be? (Archived)rogueleader_9241/18/2014
What are the best places to horde EV train? (Archived)slomaster71/18/2014
So I accidentally evolved my eevee before teaching it baton pass. (Archived)mrsduder0161/18/2014
Keldeo (Archived)Pikachu22291/18/2014
0/0 Struggle Win (Archived)waterdeepchu31/18/2014
Thought you could keep on roosting? (Archived)LightningAce1111/18/2014
Contrary Shell Smash Shuckle using Power Swap = Cripples target so bad (Archived)
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