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What pokemon do I need to trade for pokemon.. (Archived)Pupu27412/20 10:56AM
Been using Pokemon Online for android.......... (Archived)
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Roketoman1612/20 10:53AM
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Egglocked Chapter 2 - The Jolly Ferry(wo)man (Archived)
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Quiet_Noise4512/20 10:41AM
Awr, I Think I Made Him Angry.. (Archived)
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TG_Wolf1212/20 10:39AM
Premier Ball in Spanish is actually named Honor Ball... (Archived)
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Lady-Lucy1612/20 10:34AM
How many speed EVs would Murkrow need... (Archived)ArmoredGuns912/20 10:31AM
How to breed IV's down to this pokemon (Archived)RPGphreak412/20 10:30AM
First shiny -Goomy- nickname (Archived)clayton1123712/20 10:27AM
There needs to be a "dodge" animation (Archived)
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Boon_Siew_Fariq1312/20 10:26AM
Poke Bank requires you to have a Nintendo Network ID. Possibilities? (Archived)BlueInfinity912/20 10:22AM
VGC format is horrible! (Archived)
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Frostheat_221312/20 10:15AM
when pokebank is out can someone give me zekrom and kyurem more inside (Archived)ggvtp612/20 10:13AM
Beginner's guide to competitive battling? (Archived)ThaLank212/20 10:12AM
So excited... So bummed out... Shiny story (Archived)BMorgn66812/20 10:11AM
Can you get multiple Celebi if you have more than 1 3DS? (Archived)darkphoenix181412/20 10:08AM
What moves should I pack on my Assault Vest Metagross? (Archived)
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MegaLucario1112/20 10:08AM