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double team any good? (Archived)
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What do you thnk are the top 5 pokemons to use on rated 3v3? (Archived)FunKeeJ61/18/2014
Question on breeding abilities (Archived)Chrikke66621/18/2014
Hoenn and Sevii Islands are now the regions with the lowest number of Pokemon (Archived)
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Want to know just how desperate I am for getting bank legends? (Archived)bfidle21/18/2014
Are there any types that make a poke objectively worse? (Archived)
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Metal Gear Raxis211/18/2014
YR: Whimsicott gets... (Archived)
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Which of these 'special' rating battle rules would you be most interested in? (Poll)-Unowninator-91/18/2014
What kinds of Pokemon do you use competitively? Favorites, or hated? (Poll)
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Meloetta set? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart71/18/2014
Holy Smokes! The new anime theme song... (Archived)
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Wow, Loving this game. (Archived)oq7ster91/18/2014
Using a Poison- or Fighting-type Pokemon during Gen.1... (Archived)Solar_Crimson31/18/2014
Wow...I can't believe this...again o.O (not a pokebank topic. again) (Archived)Darksta11/18/2014
Name one thing you don't like about Pokemon X/Y (Archived)
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Time for a stupid Poll! (Poll)BurnedPotatoes51/18/2014
Last two members of a doubles team? (Archived)
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Japanese hacks (Archived)
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Question about pursuit? (Archived)mythic041/18/2014
Just received a shiny ducklett from wonder trade. (Archived)dk210121/18/2014