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Calm or Modest Goomy? (Archived)Safer_777712/17 10:17AM
*Sees Talonflame on opponent's Pokemon team before a single battle.* (Archived)
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Harvestboy7773212/17 10:05AM
Best iv spread for naive hp ice mienfoo (Archived)MoonsEye512/17 10:03AM
Pokemon you won't use out of principle? (Archived)
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blahzer10612/17 9:50AM
Ditto transformed into Mega Kangaskhan (Archived)
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Xlash1011512/17 9:41AM
hi l need help (Archived)manga3010312/17 9:40AM
Masuda Method in gen 5 question (Archived)FryDays5000312/17 9:35AM
Get your s*** together showdown. (Archived)
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Boon_Siew_Fariq1112/17 9:33AM
I just won a battle of wits (literally). V7JG-WWWW-WWW3-Z2UQ. What do you think? (Archived)
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-Unowninator-1812/17 9:32AM
Dear Protean Greninja (Archived)shaionei912/17 9:28AM
Look what I found.. (Archived)acotey891012/17 9:25AM
Statues at the BM (Archived)Jonathan7272412/17 9:17AM
Online battle questions (Archived)RonCarrProject412/17 9:12AM
A bit confused about bad IVs (Archived)DarkRay117912/17 9:08AM
OMG Barbaracle is an absolute monster! (Archived)
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Ac37773212/17 9:06AM
Who are the popular hazard setters? (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis212/17 9:04AM
I've seen it all...... (Archived)Soloaris20141012/17 9:00AM
How do you let someone view your PR video while you're in battle? (Archived)Doktoroktopus312/17 8:55AM
Whats a good moveset for Adamant Guts Hariyama? (Archived)XNo_FearX112/17 8:47AM
Question about Masuda Method! (Archived)erotaku12493912/17 8:42AM