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Does anyone know if it's possible to get a Super size pumpkaboo wit insomnia? (Archived)
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Week 3: No pokebank (Archived)
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I think the "Please Understand" usage will rise. (Archived)Chenmaster2101/17/2014
You know what would be really fun? (Archived)
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no friends on list (Archived)Falsegod972311/17/2014
A real Destiny Knot would make life so much easier. (Archived)
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Differences between battle styles (comments and questions) (Archived)Lord_Ichmael21/17/2014
Just faced 3 Prankster Pokemon with the same moveset (Archived)MissCarriage101/17/2014
Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y Best Nature? (Archived)rojse71/17/2014
Need EV Spread advice for Tyranitar and Rotom-Wash (Archived)DroneHunter31/17/2014
Stall Team Idea (Archived)
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Why is it so hard to 6vs6 ?? (Archived)WhalinDan81/17/2014
What should the EV spread be for this Scolipede? (Archived)Skull_pro51/17/2014
Do you think there will be an event for the black Flabebe? (Archived)
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Obvious weakness>>> no weakness (Archived)gamepimp1281/17/2014
TR should reverse priority as well (Archived)
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ev training (Archived)trainer22751/17/2014
level 5 Persian (Archived)
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Can anyone list all the legendaries and tell me how to get them? (Archived)morlock3081/17/2014
I thought I could tank out a Talonflame with my Avalugg (Archived)
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