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Transferring to poke bank from Black (Archived)
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Buskowski1712/18 9:57PM
*spoilers* An interesting twist... (Archived)Myrkr_Ormr912/18 9:56PM
Signature move for Celebi? (Archived)
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MogKnightAzure2012/18 9:55PM
tell me 2 Pokemon to use in Trick Room (Archived)
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Stableyez1112/18 9:52PM
Today's my birthday. (Archived)TkShot512/18 9:51PM
Newbie breeding guidance, please (Archived)ThaLank612/18 9:50PM
We're probably not gonna be able to SR for Celebi, are we? (Archived)MM125612/18 9:49PM
Does the eviolite work on Pokemon that evolve with stones? (Archived)fedor-machine412/18 9:48PM
breeding (Archived)Hail_Berserk612/18 9:45PM
How many dittos do you have? (Archived)
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LightningAce111712/18 9:42PM
Someone's absurd shiny luck (Archived)R-A-V1012/18 9:41PM
Are there any 2 moves that have never been able to be learned by 1 'mon? (Archived)andrewx72812/18 9:36PM
Hottest Gym Leader: Rebel 2 - ACTION! (Poll)
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ReachOutToTruth1312/18 9:29PM
damnit shiny Clauncher stop teasing me (Archived)Reptobismol512/18 9:24PM
The hoppip are tempting me... (Archived)
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KingChickadee1512/18 9:23PM
Bulky Charizard Y? (Archived)iKhan88212/18 9:14PM
So what exactly is "Ice Burn"? (Archived)
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J_Applei1812/18 9:14PM
Guess which pokemon is my favourite. (Archived)Lobomoon912/18 9:09PM
Smogon are teh devil for banning things that are good! (Archived)Azure_Flame812/18 9:09PM
Should I buy X or Y? (Archived)chrispronger212/18 9:08PM