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I want my Volcanion (Archived)SwampertBadass81/10 10:38AM
Are there any oceans in this region? (Archived)
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vanitas11121/10 10:33AM
easy way to beat Lysandre's mega-Gyarados (Archived)
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evilbob65535421/10 10:31AM
Cofagrigus usable? haha (Archived)
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Fidchel141/10 10:28AM
The starter exchange (Archived)paulbreeder41/10 10:23AM
Are these IVs good enough for Yveltal? (Archived)BluesSoul617101/10 10:22AM
Did... did this fairy tale girl just threaten to kill me? (Archived)
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Phoenix_Heart201/10 10:21AM
so smogon pretty much bans everything eh (Archived)
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MikeAtTheSource2121/10 10:21AM
What seems to be the most wanted/requested Starter on the GTS? (Archived)Jigglybuff81/10 10:20AM
Quickest way to max happiness? (Archived)Ghetsis31/10 10:20AM
We all know who's Arceus's favourite Pokemon is... (Archived)legendrider81/10 10:19AM
LEAST Favorite Design D14: Water Starter (Overall) (Poll)fawful_X71/10 10:15AM
Shiny value (Archived)Falsegod972351/10 10:10AM
EVs/Nature for Rotom (Archived)Shigmiya6441/10 9:59AM
Help with a team! (Archived)soriashadow11/10 9:58AM
Hypothetically, how much would a Kalos hidden legendary sell on Ebay? *spoilers* (Archived)LazorFist41/10 9:57AM
Can someone explained to me what happened to my Ice Punch Dmg this Fight (Archived)Snooter121541/10 9:52AM
Moves that are good w/ prankster and pokemons that can utilize it? (Archived)vanitas1161/10 9:52AM
Make me a team INFO inside...... (Archived)
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Pokemon831121/10 9:51AM
Worst looking Gen 6 Pokemon? (Archived)
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Noxatrox541/10 9:49AM