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Anyone want to share what their Showdown OU Ratings are? (Archived)
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Judgmenl151/15 2:22PM
If Ruby and Sapphire get remakes... (Archived)zelionx51/15 2:20PM
IV Checking (Archived)jofotran2161/15 2:07PM
Did Showdown's ladder get reset? (Archived)Companion_Cube_31/15 2:06PM
Breeding Question (Archived)
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kingstar30111/15 2:06PM
In-Battle Berry Trees (Archived)SigmaSlash61/15 2:05PM
Game sync (Archived)Sniffygull21/15 2:02PM
-Rage Quit- I'm done. (Archived)
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Zasben111/15 2:00PM
I'm sometimes glad when I go up against not very knowledgable players... (Archived)legendrider31/15 1:58PM
Are there people actually who want Pokemon games to be brutally undeniably (Archived)
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Chenmaster2111/15 1:50PM
Why is there restriction on Rage Quits in BW2 but not X/Y? (Archived)MegaSableye41/15 1:48PM
Why does no one ever rage on me? (Archived)
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WiseWarrior101111/15 1:47PM
So Guys,What is your most favorite and least favorite shiny in pokemon? (Archived)
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Pokemon831541/15 1:46PM
trading pokemon (Archived)cjcossin1211/15 1:41PM
Ditto Question (Archived)MasterCobra1951/15 1:37PM
Any moves that raise Defense + Special D? (Archived)Firebringer8771/15 1:33PM
252+ SpA Choice Specs Unown Hidden Power Ice vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Garchomp: (Archived)Calwyn41/15 1:32PM
okay....maybe shines are too easy. (Archived)wolfwing51/15 1:31PM
Shiny or difficult to obtain Pokemon that nobody wants (Archived)EmperorAtma81/15 1:30PM
YR: Aggron gets Recover (Archived)Blackcat012311/15 1:30PM