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Name me the cutest Pokemon of all time. (Archived)
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This is probably old but it's still funny. (Archived)Katharina2711/16/2014
Share your MMing experience! (Archived)Adidas246811/16/2014
What should i name my ninjask? (Archived)robotears11171/16/2014
Is Florges held back by it's useless abilities in singles? (Archived)
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How's everyone luck with GTS PokeBank Legends? (Archived)AboveTopSecret51/16/2014
Breeding Shinies Question (Archived)danielfox22101/16/2014
Breeding HA from a male? (Archived)RatheV41/16/2014
I was bummed that XY didn't feature voice acting. (Poll)
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Special or physical attacker for nidoking? (Archived)Oreos7421/16/2014
Am I too young for this game (Archived)
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is there a way to get pokebank back after it was released? (Archived)purplephazed91/16/2014
Elgyem!? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger61/16/2014
Things those Maison NPCs say (Archived)HHDeception41/16/2014
What are the chances of Air Slash flinching 6 times in a row? (Archived)
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100 v 100 (Archived)kclaujames11/16/2014
So are you like Sycamores out of wedlock child in this game? (Archived)javel3421/16/2014
Potato Acquisition Efforts Were Temporarily Halted. (Archived)CookieMarvin61/16/2014
Why does gamefreak make the battle frontier and maison cheat? (Archived)LightningAce11101/16/2014
Pokemon X Contest - Pikayla (Archived)Pikayla71/16/2014