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How to effectively use scarf on hydreigon? (Archived)
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Can nidoking relearn toxic spikes from the move tutor? (Archived)Oreos7461/18/2014
LOL checkout this classic case of Heart Swap ragequit (Archived)Last Soldier81/18/2014
Accidentally hatched a shiny snivy just now (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4261/18/2014
Trying to decide on a SunnyBeam team (Archived)kagenoronin8721/18/2014
Is that hard to trade with foreign players here? (Archived)
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Question about pokemon when they stop obeying you. (Archived)Brandy197781/18/2014
Do you want the Johto Poke Balls to be purchasable in the 3rd Version/Sequels? (Archived)TheSnubbz81/18/2014
YR: In the next generation, a competitively viable pokemon is obtainable by..... (Archived)TableFlip31/18/2014
Ev/super training help... (Archived)Fidchel31/18/2014
Can't find Horsea? (Archived)Neoconkers81/18/2014
Which Gen was best? (Day 6) Evil Team Theme FINALS (Poll)
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Gotta love Galvantula. (Archived)
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For those of us who have Bank working - Does it count the Trial time now? (Archived)Nightstar199451/18/2014
So those folks at Smogon testing Charm + MM are 78.31% (39156 eggs) done testing (Archived)Dark_Samus3361/18/2014
Note to self: Don't use all three Stones on Eevee at once. (Archived)Solar_Crimson91/18/2014
RMT (uu) (Archived)Catalyst58641/18/2014
RMT, UU singles (Archived)tarzanmx91/18/2014
What do you EV Train Pokemon in? (Archived)Dragon-Flower91/18/2014
Cloners (Archived)
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