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Pokemon you've fallen in love with after using them once? (Archived)
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Scizorite and metal coat for Charizard Y stone (Archived)xisaacbx312/16 3:57AM
How do you build your teams? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone2712/16 3:55AM
Pokemon you hate battle against (Archived)
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hodelino1612/16 3:40AM
Is Instacheck Hotspot working for anyone else? (Archived)
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Puglia772112/16 3:33AM
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Best Pokemon Superhero (Poll)
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pkmnpkmn1712/16 3:13AM
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Mawile OHKO mega tyranitar? (Archived)123465abcdef312/16 3:10AM
Proposal: If you D/C for anything you have to wait before you can go back online (Archived)Mars1040512/16 3:04AM
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 57 - Tyrantrum vs. Talonflame QUARTERFINALS (Poll)
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kirbydude3851712/16 3:00AM
Old legendary nature help... (Archived)thomasfreid112/16 2:58AM
Pokemon 20 Questions. (Archived)
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If Hoenn is revisited... (Archived)M-Watcher412/16 2:39AM
The "Use a Pokemon of every type challenge"! (Archived)OfficialAce-Kun312/16 2:33AM