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First X+Y MM success! (Archived)kybotica41/7 7:11PM
How Many Babies Can The Same Two Pokemon Have? (Archived)
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XTGeminiman121/7 7:10PM
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NME_Enterprises241/7 7:10PM
Foreign pokemons (Archived)soriashadow51/7 7:05PM
You know how people suggest that IVs should only be 0-15? (Archived)bwebber1781/7 7:04PM
How'd I do in this battle? (Archived)Galapagoz11/7 7:04PM
My hilarious first experience with Wonder Trade! (Archived)
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ShadowXardas201/7 6:59PM
No! I do not want a rematch, quit asking me! (Archived)
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Necro_Slain111/7 6:59PM
My first self-caught shiny is... (Archived)
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jtothek_guy121/7 6:59PM
Think of a Pokemon and enter the topic. (Archived)Darksta71/7 6:56PM
What if Trick Room Analytic Porygon-Z? (Archived)Great_Reapette41/7 6:54PM
Mega Charizard X moveset (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer31/7 6:51PM
Good nature and move set for Feebas/Milotic? (Archived)InnerSolace51/7 6:50PM
Is Zoroark THIS bad? (Archived)
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King_of_Flan161/7 6:50PM
Easier way of getting HAs in Hordes? (Archived)
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toon_link_346141/7 6:44PM
Need a Heatran alternative... (Archived)TheFAQKing11/7 6:44PM
probably extremly dumb question about lucky egg... (Archived)wolfwing61/7 6:43PM
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Finally got the Shiny Charm! (Archived)
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rlspin111/7 6:40PM
Why don't these Smogon players just make their own Pokemon? (Archived)
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On_The_Edge341/7 6:39PM