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Least Favorite Kalos Pokemon? (Archived)
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Porygon-Z or Unown (Archived)
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Can natural gift be used multiple times? (Archived)legendrider21/2 3:06PM
Everyone seems to be forgetting about Lorelei... (Archived)
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Really GameFreak? (Archived)
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Natural Gift (Archived)
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BlueHarvestPOTW211/2 3:00PM
Dat Rotom W (Archived)Diayamondo21/2 2:58PM
Anyone managed to get one of each Pokebank legendaries of GTS ? (Archived)
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Pokwon161/2 2:52PM
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Starf and Lansat berries? (Archived)GoldenPower8941/2 2:51PM
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What does Liepard have to offer over Klefki or Sableye? (Archived)javel3451/2 2:48PM
Is it a coincidence that Pokebank Celebi's signature move is... (Archived)
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What's a good physical lucario set? (Archived)DarthTempus91/2 2:44PM
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