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What's a good Sylveon set for VGC? (Archived)Mobile_Platform912/31 8:19PM
I can't get alternate Forme Kyurems to work in Amie. (Archived)
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Engel1512/31 8:19PM
In front of the final gym and just realized how to access pokemon-amie (Archived)Dark Mousy812/31 8:17PM
Serious weird breeding luck I have (Archived)giants9281712/31 8:16PM
YR: White Smoke makes all moves that have a chance at lowering stats (Archived)stein-vok212/31 8:12PM
so I tried GSC Red's team... (Archived)YoyokuKO912/31 8:11PM
What is the best golduck set this gen? (Archived)djmetal777812/31 8:07PM
Your most used pokemon of 2013? (Archived)
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GameEnforcer12612/31 8:07PM
Pokegirls or anime girls? (Poll)
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djmetal7773212/31 8:04PM
Am I the only one that thinks EV training is more tedious than breeding. (Archived)
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Inferno45013512/31 8:03PM
Shuckle should be able to learn Seismic Toss. (Archived)ArmoredGuns812/31 7:59PM
when do furisode girls show up in rogue plaza (Archived)setokaiba400412/31 7:56PM
I NEED UR HALP! Well, more, I would like your opinions on something (Archived)legendrider512/31 7:49PM
WHO WANTS to watch... (Archived)
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LAN_Shark1212/31 7:48PM
Me letting go of my Nuzlocke Mistakes. (Archived)Devin879412/31 7:44PM
Can I complain about Pokebank? Am I entitled enough? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z812/31 7:43PM
Just got a level 100 5IV shiny Meowth via Wonder Trade (Archived)
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Silentdaze1512/31 7:43PM
I always wondered something, why is there such a thing as species clause? -_- (Archived)
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Roc_Raida2712/31 7:39PM
Question for cloners... (Archived)Bill_E_Sharp712/31 7:38PM
So this is why Chesnaught has bad special attack... (Archived)
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FryDays50001212/31 7:38PM