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Something simple that could make the GTS better... (Archived)TheSnubbz71/14/2014
Best Ice type pokemon in this game? Also Grass... (Archived)
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Comparing two Aegislash sets (Archived)
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Wide guard doesn't block dark void? (Archived)Plasma EXE41/14/2014
So... what the heck am I supposed to make of this Frillish moveset? (Archived)BlueCrystalTear61/14/2014
*continues to stare at her White 2 game* (Archived)
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Would running U-Turn be a good idea for this Froakie (Archived)Hydreigoon11/14/2014
Moveset for Tyrantrum? (Archived)vinhamon41/14/2014
Sooo... any Direct tomorrow? (Archived)
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Durant is pretty much the best Pokemon in the entire game. (Archived)GujinKami61/14/2014
Portean Porygon2 iz 2 stronk. (Archived)
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So...Lopunny can Baton Pass Cosmic Power o_O (Archived)RAcastBlaster51/14/2014
So the first episode of the Pokemon X and Y series airs this coming Saturday... (Poll)
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Geosenge Town, the town of rock. (Archived)Is_Corrupted31/14/2014
C/D: Rotom-S should get Soul Dew-like powers from an Air Balloon (Archived)Crabhammar51/14/2014
"Please Understand" comes all the way back from Jan. 22, 2013. (Archived)Chenmaster221/14/2014
Trying to Masuda a Shiny Honedge, need stats (Archived)
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POLL: Who is more badass, Red or N? (Poll)
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How does one go about getting 6IV Legends on the GTS? (Archived)
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trying to ev horde train but it keeps raining. Any way to stop it? (Archived)Lucky17thguy71/14/2014