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What are some semi-wanted Pokemon that I can use to fill my dex over GTS? (Archived)sonofcasbah81/17/2014
Is RNG hacking real? (Archived)mikesthetruth31/17/2014
Planning on breeding a shiny Tynamo. Any suggestions? (Archived)TheForevergelo31/17/2014
What was that about, Random Matchup?! (Archived)waterdeepchu31/17/2014
Stupid showdown players (Archived)LightningAce1151/17/2014
So my brother just got a Weedle from Wonder Trade... (Archived)PokemonFan66531/17/2014
Wait wait, is that one "first turn out" means?(Fake Out) (Archived)
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Breeding question (Archived)SlaydSword31/17/2014
so what if someone played this game in outer space? (Archived)Eat-At-Joes51/17/2014
Would you use this Whimsicott? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Just out of curiosity... (Archived)Mobile_Platform21/17/2014
Can pokemon like Mew be traded on the GTS? (Archived)Tales_of_10171/17/2014
could this be a good team? (Archived)tiamat99921/17/2014
You the Man.....Tine.. (Archived)TG_Wolf21/17/2014
OMG! I hate Mewtwo. Is there a counter for Mega Mewtwo Y (Archived)
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Does anybody else use Blaziken... (Archived)lilbean121721/17/2014
I'm winding down for the inevitable pokemon break. (Archived)pokemon2poker11/17/2014
Deleted an egg move in Daycare T_T (Archived)AsdfYunsungfdsA91/17/2014
Good pokemon to breed and EV train? (Archived)
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Plusle should be banned to ubers (Archived)
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