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No save file backup? (Archived)
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Back up save file also corrupt? (Archived)
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Are the skating tricks used for anything in game? (Archived)AsdfYunsungfdsA51/16/2014
Caught over 100 pokemon from the Amorphous egg group.... (Archived)Kibaman11/16/2014
Get your Amulet Coins, Luck Incense and Happy Hour Inkays... (Archived)OrangutanHi521/16/2014
What pokemon do you think have wasted designs? (Archived)
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Team check (Archived)Seiten_Taisen51/16/2014
So now torchic event is finally over, (Archived)
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what if this was the last pokemon? (Archived)z3r09911/16/2014
Why is fairy legitimately super effective against fighting, dragon, dark types? (Archived)
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Is Iron Tail a viable option for Salamence? (Archived)FryDays500031/16/2014
just hatched my shiny froakie! (Archived)
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This is the time I've been waiting for Ash will finally... (Archived)fedartz101/16/2014
Is this a good IV spread for a Mixed Salamence? (Archived)M4nnimal51/16/2014
So Garchomp isn't as good a sweeper as Haxorus? (Archived)
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Can anyone here Pokegen a Seismic Toss Kangaskhan? (Archived)ArmoredGuns31/16/2014
Do knock off/ice punch breed on to timburr ? (Archived)slappins21/16/2014
What Pokemon are you most disheartened to see in team preview before a battle? (Archived)
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Anyone else like how... (Archived)kagenoronin8781/16/2014
Have ability-supressing moves/abilities?/etc. seen more usage? (Archived)xoing99921/16/2014