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Competitive players: Do you guys settle on IVs when you get good nature/ability? (Archived)
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Daemonscharm2712/31 2:03AM
Face symbol in Pokemon amie (Archived)UUTrainer312/31 2:02AM
Yes I finally did it! I hatched my first 6IV froakie! (Archived)
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Chenmaster21212/31 1:58AM
Anyone else think... (Archived)Vadmac512/31 1:54AM
damn really (Archived)
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thaosnake1112/31 1:48AM
Last Egg of 2013 (Archived)YoyokuKO412/31 1:48AM
Dat burn heal... (Archived)POPSHU_FRUITCHU612/31 1:46AM
Mega Pinser (Archived)
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Vadmac2712/31 1:40AM
I hate Lamdorkus stance in this game. (Archived)javel34212/31 1:39AM
GTS is sometimes badass...... (Archived)fuzzionterms512/31 1:31AM
I was wrong about 1am, 2am GTS is so much better! (Archived)pikachuboy7612/31 1:31AM
Things from prev gen games you wish were in this game? (Archived)
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Vesuperia1312/31 1:23AM
Finally got my first shiny since RSE!!! (Archived)vanitas11212/31 1:12AM
Is there a website.... (Archived)adam35711712/31 1:06AM
Has anyone actually confirmed (Archived)
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a4der1212/31 12:48AM
Is Thundurus considered OU right now? (Archived)nskyliner34712/31 12:44AM
You guys do realize that Nintendo will PROFIT off of your hacks, right? (Archived)
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Deathsword004312/31 12:44AM
Just Got Scammed. Dammit. (Archived)
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rlspin1912/31 12:43AM
who can i breed my togepi with (Archived)scarface_1128612/31 12:40AM
What do Pokemon of Orre origin have on their summary page? (Archived)LucasClaus312/31 12:22AM