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Hooray!! I breed a 6 IV Bold Feebas!!! But...when can I evolve it into Milotic? (Archived)faruway101/7 6:17AM
How the hell do.people breed egg moves.onto Starters? (Archived)
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Sloth9230131/7 6:13AM
Gliscor vs. Landorus-Therian - Help with a comparison, please? (Archived)ChicagoTed_51/7 6:13AM
Why didn't Red use a Clefable to defeat Lance's Dragonite instead of Lapras? (Archived)FryDays500091/7 6:07AM
so.. how do these people get 6iv shiny legendaries? (Archived)
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ryanmushrooms141/7 5:56AM
just got out of a horde battle with 4 zangoose and 1 shiny seviper (Archived)Bridgemanz51/7 5:52AM
Nobody seems to expect Sableye with trick. (Archived)CarefreeDude101/7 5:48AM
What do people mean by "pokebank starters" (Archived)0___051/7 5:44AM
Calling it now the first attraction on PGL is Japan only (Archived)kazooie95981/7 5:26AM
Thou Shalt Love The Weavile.. (Archived)TG_Wolf51/7 5:15AM
Why didn't Klefki hatch with spikes? (Archived)znyrk91/7 5:14AM
Why do you like Charizard? (Poll)
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keyos27341/7 5:13AM
At the daycare center... (Archived)Darksta71/7 5:03AM
improve wonder trade lockout usa (Archived)
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GRankbowhunter151/7 5:00AM
Am I the only one who gets upset at... (Lottery) (Archived)WolfJounin21/7 4:42AM
NU in OU beats U :3 (Archived)TG_Wolf21/7 4:42AM
Any point in buying X for exclusive Mega Stones? (Archived)Zargerth81/7 4:40AM
Effort to make wonder trade better! (Archived)vahkseen81/7 4:39AM
First successful Masuda Method (Archived)deidara2161/7 4:34AM
500 ways Nintendo can make the Pokebank situation worse. (Archived)
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MonsterXA191/7 4:33AM