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All f***ing hail f***ing Starmie (Archived)
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Remember: He's Always Watching You.. (Archived)TG_Wolf11/16/2014
Masuda Method Encouragement (Archived)EmperorAtma41/16/2014
Transfer pokemon from x to y? (Archived)roxxuss71/16/2014
Which type had it best in each generation? (Archived)
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What is widely considered to be the best generation? (Archived)
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Do you need to capture or just see all Mons for the Oval and Shiny charms? (Archived)AODSoulUnison21/16/2014
Raiki's Egglocke: My first play through of Pokemon XY. (Donations appreciated.) (Archived)
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Help making a good team for online play (Archived)AndresRafaelH41/16/2014
Primape vs Wobbuffet: Stall War... (Archived)TG_Wolf41/16/2014
C/D: Pokemon should be renamed Mega Kangaskhan and Friends (Archived)rojse61/16/2014
people who have pokebank (Archived)SavageSunbobo11/16/2014
Damn it thunder wave + attract! I can't do anything! Why not just add confusion! (Archived)
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I'm getting sick of the current metagame (Archived)
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You would think Breeding a 4IV Hawlucha and a 3 IV Hawlucha would give you... (Archived)Judgmenl91/16/2014
If Pokemon could use two abilities at the same time (Archived)
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Lesson learned, Don't be greedy with power up punch (Archived)zues22t11/16/2014
I evolved my shiny Torchic into Combusken in a dark room... (Archived)LontaBeans31/16/2014
How does Pokebank work with your game? (Archived)Marik_Reborn61/16/2014
Awwww yis, shiny Honedge (Archived)DarkHeroRaven51/16/2014