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POKEBANK Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres build for 3v3 Singles (Archived)
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Zasben131/6 9:02PM
Your reaction: Legendaries can now be bred (Archived)
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Shigmiya64211/6 8:59PM
My thoughts on Mega Garchomp (Archived)
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DrakJay131/6 8:57PM
Pokemon Showdown Wombo Combo!!!11!1 (Archived)Mean_Beanie71/6 8:57PM
Kricketot allowed me to complete my dex (Archived)
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guvnordisney151/6 8:57PM
So, uh, hypothetical question about Protean and Synchronoise... (Archived)
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Great_Reapette121/6 8:54PM
Mixed Mega Lucario moveset (Archived)
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AuraWielder291/6 8:54PM
Rotom is Motor spelled backwards... (Archived)
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Igma12401/6 8:53PM
So if your online partner disconnects with you during a Maison Multi Battle... (Archived)Featherine31/6 8:52PM
So how prominent is stealth rock in the doubles meta? (Archived)
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Exaetellus141/6 8:52PM
Rate my VGC team? (WIP) (Archived)TheForevergelo101/6 8:44PM
Does Trick work on Dark type Pokemon? (Archived)kclaujames81/6 8:43PM
Interested in using Finneon (Archived)DragonOfBlaze1281/6 8:42PM
So I am trying to do a magikarp sweep but I keep failing (Archived)
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PikaplaysPKMN131/6 8:40PM
Good Klefki sets? (Archived)
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Xeylir151/6 8:38PM
Which of these types would provide the better coverage on 3v3 singles...? (Archived)tarzanmx41/6 8:38PM
Removing shout outs (Archived)
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TrinityLimit13111/6 8:33PM
Smogon is garbage. (Archived)
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00bularn00bular141/6 8:24PM
Question about using Showdown (Archived)TC983411/6 8:19PM
Should mega evolutions be in Pokemon? (Archived)SooperKewlGuy31/6 8:17PM