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Diggersby vs Uber legendaries (Archived)
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Jayroach2531/14 1:35AM
I love milotic so much (Archived)ssupermario9221/14 1:31AM
If someone can explain what my opponent was doing... (Archived)
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Jayroach2191/14 1:31AM
Breeding chlorophyll (Archived)puritymx21/14 1:23AM
Pokemon should gain Ice's weaknesses/resists when frozen. (Archived)ssb_master91/14 1:20AM
has anyone ever ultra perfected someone (Archived)fakefire61/14 1:18AM
How I think about not having pokebank. (Archived)D0W0knu51/14 1:11AM
Pokemon who utilises Me First the best would be Lucario wouldn't it? (Archived)legendrider61/14 1:05AM
Respawn rate hidden items (Archived)Liehon51/14 1:04AM
Trading?? (Archived)Kingdomcrossing61/14 1:03AM
My Contribution To The Community (Archived)metroidfan98761/14 1:02AM
Anyone tried a "quick match"? (Archived)kclaujames21/14 12:53AM
Meowstic,(M or F), or Espurr? (Poll)DigiHerokid41/14 12:51AM
My brother just pointed out... (Archived)
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kagenoronin87111/14 12:47AM
So what can gamefreak do to fix Gen 3 in a remake? (Archived)
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TokyoGarden461/14 12:46AM
What happened to that cloud service to get pokemon from the older games in? (Archived)Dark Gunner81/14 12:42AM
Partners for Heracross? (Archived)12345zx1431/14 12:36AM
im sure ur tired of malamar topics (Archived)OOD21/14 12:32AM
Oh the joys of Pokemon Showdown (Archived)
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WiseWarrior101121/14 12:32AM
Something confusing to me about breeding. (Archived)superzero12259141/14 12:31AM