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Here's a way to fix Parental Bond... (Archived)
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Is the global link working (Archived)fossilrabbit11/14/2014
Best nature for Mixed-AV Tyranitar (Archived)lypto61/14/2014
Scizor is a MegaGardevoir check. NOT a full counter (Archived)
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Drizzle should have been localized as "Rainstorm". (Archived)
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Would you join Team Flare? *spoilers* (Poll)
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Can't rematch rival? (Archived)CandyLander41/14/2014
Is aqua ring baton passable? (Archived)drJuris71/14/2014
Have we got a 6th Gen Damage calculator? (Archived)shadowreaper741/14/2014
I've been chain trading bank legendaries, and I have only 9 left to go. (Archived)pythonkid71/14/2014
Am I using the wrong nature? (Archived)chrfour61/14/2014
Is this a good team for Super Singles? (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera31/14/2014
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CoroCoro leak reveals a poll for the Pokemon distributed alongside the movie. (Poll)RotomGuy371/14/2014
best nature for khengiskhan? (Archived)Firebringer8741/14/2014
I love VGC battles (Archived)
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I hatched 5 shiny gothitas within 1200 eggs (Archived)Absolutezero9361/14/2014
What are some competitively good Pokebank pokemon? (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn41/14/2014
Best nature for aiegslash? (Archived)
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