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Does anyone else fall for illusion 100% of the time? (Archived)
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ThelceManCometh1112/15 9:09AM
What is the absolute cheapest strategy that you can think of? (Archived)
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DukeGogoat5412/15 9:05AM
best way to find a Gligar with Hidden Ability? (Archived)
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Fsas_drummer2912/15 9:04AM
There are ditto in the Pokemon Village, why does everyone want ditto safari? (Archived)
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DarkRay1173112/15 9:03AM
Which _____ Gym Leader was the best? Day 12: Poison (Poll)
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ssupermario922912/15 8:59AM
wtf. do people really pull out their SD cards? (Archived)
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poldual1112/15 8:53AM
Managed to snag up a pretty nice Articuno from GTS yesterday. (Archived)Relient_K112/15 8:51AM
Adaption Eevee/Magic Bounce Espeon (Archived)kpoppokemonfan512/15 8:46AM
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