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A seel walks into a club. (Archived)
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TickleTub451/12 3:22PM
Mewtwo sweeps bad player 1v6 (Archived)
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BackwardCap361/12 3:21PM
Do I need Aqua Jet on a DD Feraligatr? (Archived)M4nnimal101/12 3:19PM
Woohoo hatched a shiny eevee (Archived)
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KaradurAtani111/12 3:11PM
How does priority work in Trick Room? (Archived)Insanylum1341/12 3:07PM
whose your favorite dragon type (Archived)
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clayton1123511/12 3:01PM
Double battle question... (Archived)TommyEmpoleon31/12 3:00PM
do skarmory/hippowdon make use of attack EVs? (Archived)ZeroVolume51/12 2:59PM
I'm happy Pokebank hack-checks suck! (Archived)LAN_Shark61/12 2:56PM
Future Sight + Power herb work by chance? (Archived)LaybackJo31/12 2:56PM
Just called Nintendo, no new information (Archived)
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bfidle241/12 2:55PM
Quick question (related to trading but doesn't go on trading board) (Archived)minun7331/12 2:52PM
Rock Slide vs Stone Edge on Mega Lucario (Archived)AuraWielder101/12 2:50PM
Meloetta moveset? (Archived)
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Jkickit131/12 2:47PM
Adamant Feraligatr EV Spread? (Archived)thenewgodofwar121/12 2:43PM
Pokebank service auctions on eBay! Lol (Archived)
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holon_zz131/12 2:43PM
It's a wonder trade kind of day. (Archived)Traitor_Kratos11/12 2:38PM
I did work experience at gamefreak. They showed me stuff. (Archived)LightningAce1161/12 2:36PM
How much do people like Sylveon for battles? (Archived)
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xoing999121/12 2:34PM
Best build for a Modest HA Mega Venusaur? (Archived)
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thenewgodofwar1131/12 2:33PM