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would anyone happen to have a... (Archived)lazymaster0221/2 1:16PM
How the hell do you take down a natural healer/aromatherapy/soft boiled blissey? (Archived)
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meestermj131/2 1:14PM
Porygon2 is so good (Archived)KIngdomSora5081/2 1:12PM
Does Arbok get a new pattern and/or keep it's pattern when transfered up? (Archived)Thunder_man671/2 1:10PM
I want to test Trick/Switcheroo vs Megastone-holding Non-mega-evo pokemon (Archived)thediaoman21/2 1:09PM
Good moveset for Super Size Gourgeist? (Archived)ElpollogabazXII71/2 1:07PM
So how would you have handled Fairy type? (Archived)
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paipr281/2 1:04PM
I told myself I'd stop doing stuff like Pokegen when they made IVs easy to get. (Archived)Willawesomeness71/2 1:04PM
top 5 pokemons on ranked battle spot IYO (Archived)
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whatupeveryoneh271/2 1:03PM
Jolly or Adamant Dratini? (Archived)
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Raltrios181/2 1:03PM
Momentum (Archived)wonkavite51/2 1:02PM
How much better would gyarados be if he got brave bird? (Archived)Stanemac1221/2 12:55PM
Why haven't they introduced MissingNo as an atual Pokemon yet? (Archived)
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Magnetronous151/2 12:55PM
What kind of animal is the Eevee line? (Archived)
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Pentao161/2 12:47PM
Digersby Thou (Archived)lucario75021/2 12:44PM
Post what you think is the most irrelevant Pokemon in this topic for fun (Archived)
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qlaxmicmizzel38151/2 12:44PM
I just wish there was a little more variety out there. (Archived)
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Nathbuds123141/2 12:42PM
Lol hidden power is so unfair (Archived)
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mistrfantasy281/2 12:41PM
All these people complaining about pokemon bank. (Archived)
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Xerathyn131/2 12:29PM
New to Pokemon, just beat it. Best spot to grind 1 to 100?? (Archived)
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Rixgear111/2 12:28PM