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VGC legality question (Archived)toothpiq61/15/2014
If Ursaring, Beartic, and Pangoro walk into a club... (Archived)YoyokuKO11/15/2014
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Egglocke, donations please :D (Archived)
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Help filling the remaining slots on my team (Archived)
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c/d there should be a weed pokemon (Archived)
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What happened to... (Archived)TheGreatThonA31/15/2014
Is there a Mega-Kangaskhan counter that isn't completely screwed by Heatran? (Archived)
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Since when do all legendaries have 3 perfect IV? (Archived)Kostie10051/15/2014
hows is mega kangaskhan so good (Archived)
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Getting a HA from horde battles... (Archived)syaoran-kun91/15/2014
Is odd Ivs in everything but speed hp ice? (Archived)drlolimaster61/15/2014
Final slot for espeon (Archived)Sl6anHareb31/15/2014
Why didn't they bring back the Habitat feature in the Pokedex? (Archived)Rememberdaname31/15/2014
Pokemon Traditions That Have Never Been Broken (Archived)ZombieTJ10111/15/2014
Mismagius final slot? (Archived)Takaoldaria101/15/2014
I'm new to competitive, help on my first team? (Archived)
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Which Gen was best? (Day 5) Evil Team Theme (Part 2) (Poll)
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