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Is it just me, or is Autotomize Weakness Policy Aegislash amazing? (Archived)
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Pervert_Kuhn421/13 2:51PM
Does Parental Bond effect Seismic Toss? (Archived)
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Sloth9230431/13 2:49PM
So only Pokemon that are not touching the ground can be in sky battles? (Archived)LightningAce1131/13 2:47PM
Using Pokemon outside of battle (Archived)Pikachu22221/13 2:45PM
Swampert needs sap sipper for its mega-evo (Archived)
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omgitsjustme131/13 2:45PM
Battle Maison flinched me 7 times in a row. It's HAX!@!@! (Archived)jb0804521/13 2:45PM
Think Gen 7 will bring innate Levitate-ness? (Archived)Dark_Link9261/13 2:45PM
How do you guys grind levels postgame? (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn121/13 2:43PM
Mega Kangaskhan is Gen 4 Garchomp all over again. (Archived)
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AuraWielder781/13 2:43PM
Tutor Transfer Moves (Archived)darkmagic0541/13 2:42PM
Well not every day do you tie in a game of Pokemon. (Archived)Judgmenl11/13 2:41PM
Does anyone know? (Archived)dobinrules11/13 2:24PM
They should make Cut SE against Dark types. (Archived)timirchand62431/13 2:22PM
They should make Cut SE against Grass types. (Archived)
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Golden Nirvana111/13 2:19PM
Hitmonchan the god Pokemon (Archived)
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soulll341/13 2:19PM
So i put a deerling spring form on the gts... (Archived)minun73101/13 2:19PM
On Mystery gift in a few days. (Archived)wolfwing21/13 2:18PM
Why are they pulling the Torchic down? (Archived)
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LuminothWarrior381/13 2:13PM
Strategy for getting Bank Legendaries. (Archived)XatuMasterRace51/13 2:11PM
Question about the move 'Rage' (Archived)Blade_Nolen51/13 2:11PM