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Just 6-0'd a guy on Showdown. (Archived)
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Irnkman171/13 2:10PM
I feel Pokebank will probably come in February...or late January (Archived)
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Nathbuds123131/13 2:10PM
Alessas egglocke adventure (Archived)DrSmiley7211/13 2:05PM
Hi, Trying to complete my legendary dex. (Archived)angelz198831/13 2:03PM
Soo...dragonite? (Archived)epyon199551/13 2:02PM
What's more competitive Pokemon X/Y or Mario Party: Island Tour? (Poll)
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bankaidragon121/13 1:56PM
Idea: All gym leaders in the next generation are double/triple battles (Poll)
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InnerSolace231/13 1:55PM
Does this make sense to anyone else? (Archived)Bevans9491/13 1:55PM
What are the most sought after Vivillon patterns? (Archived)lilbean121791/13 1:53PM
Competitively, which ability is more valuable for a Spritzee (Poll)RemixDeluxe61/13 1:50PM
Weakness Policy Metagross - EVs? (Archived)
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quad_draxis141/13 1:50PM
"I probably shouldn't run Outrage because of Gardevoir..." (Archived)
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CakeOfLies471/13 1:49PM
still no shiny froakie (Archived)
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SavageSunbobo141/13 1:48PM
So how was IV Breeding done in previous games? (Archived)
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Smasher123456171/13 1:46PM
Is this a good Xerneas? (Archived)aliashubbatch71/13 1:45PM
Dragon Team (Archived)
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Painkiller006171/13 1:43PM
Mega Mawile (Archived)thesheriff33101/13 1:36PM
Best shiny for Timid & Modest Eeveelution? (Archived)vinhamon41/13 1:35PM
Cherubi!? (Archived)RED_LINK161/13 1:34PM
So... how about this team? (Archived)Dorami61/13 1:28PM