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genwunners and hoenn babbies (Archived)
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How long did it take you to complete your Pokesex? (Archived)
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Celebi & Bank (Archived)RemembranceSky91/14/2014
Sunflora Says: ..Flora.. (Archived)TG_Wolf41/14/2014
Think about it guys! Mega Man fans have been waiting for a new game for 4 years! (Archived)
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How exactly does an Adamant Dragonite outspeed a Latios? (Archived)WiseWarrior10171/14/2014
YR: PokeBank is released, BUT (Archived)zelionx51/14/2014
Where can I teach Focus Punch to my Poliwrath? (Archived)TaticalWarrior61/14/2014
Your Reaction: Pokebank is released, but... (Archived)legendxofxsky11/14/2014
I hate breeding 87.5 to 12.5 Male to Female Ratio Pokemon (Archived)
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The anime has become aware of Ebay sellers.... (Archived)MasterSpectrobe91/14/2014
Battle of the Gods (Not my game) (Archived)themagicpainman11/14/2014
78 Turn Battle (Archived)Judgmenl91/14/2014
Doe's Ditto lower the Chances of finding a Shinny (Masdou Method) (Archived)XFirefox45X61/14/2014
Alright, I request odd assistence (Archived)
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what's the ebst evolution for a HAsty natured Eevee? (Archived)-Sheogorath-31/14/2014
Trading link? (Archived)Fishheadevans31/14/2014
Your Reaction: Nintendo releases the PokeBank (Archived)
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Does it matter if the whole team is the same gender? (Archived)Terronega51/14/2014
Will give EV'D Shiny Smeargle 6 IV to the one that can help me building a team.. (Archived)
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