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Would a Sassy Sylveon make sense or modest? (Poll)
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Aurawhisperer2112/24 2:43PM
I became Pokemon champion, saved the world, and had a parade in my honor (Archived)SalsaSavant912/24 2:42PM
Your reaction the first starter pokemon that ends up /ice type... (Archived)paipr412/24 2:41PM
How much is stab multiplier? (Archived)ClassyCatt912/24 2:40PM
So... a question to those who have all those 5IV Shiny lists... (Archived)TheForevergelo212/24 2:33PM
Eject Button + Drizzletoad = Good Idea? (Archived)
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KingPeng1132212/24 2:32PM
Aegislash, Mega T-tar combo vs Mega Aggron (Archived)TriX91512/24 2:32PM
Will my RNG'd Ditto and Cresselia be blocked on Bank? :( (Archived)
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TheSnubbz3512/24 2:30PM
Why does my team suck? (Archived)
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Aquatiic1812/24 2:29PM
Ho-Oh should get gale wings (Archived)
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BestInTheWorId1812/24 2:29PM
What f***ing Mega Pokemon are you using? (Archived)
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Daemonscharm6212/24 2:28PM
Pokemon X/Y OU Team Build (Archived)
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ThePersonOn2212/24 2:27PM
3 and a half hours (Archived)Tomudall212/24 2:26PM
I need help with my shiftry for 2v2 (Archived)loffter412/24 2:26PM
some ruling help please! (Archived)ronronbaby812/24 2:25PM
Will latias be banned to Ubers? (Archived)felica712/24 2:24PM
Know what I hate in the battle institute/maison? (Archived)Number43112/24 2:23PM
Question about Zygarde and Mewtwo and the Dex. (Archived)Smasher1234561012/24 2:19PM
Is Knock Off on MegaPinsir worth it? (Archived)FryDays5000412/24 2:18PM
EV-enhancing item breeding (Archived)pichuvolttackle312/24 2:18PM