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My most anticipated feature of pokebank (Archived)LegendofLink17112/31 12:41PM
One of the, if not THE, most intense match ive ever played on showdown. (Archived)
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JPSVR1212/31 12:41PM
I miss Instacheck :( (Archived)
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Camper1161412/31 12:39PM
What do we have on the confirmation of Hoenn? (Archived)MillionGunmannn212/31 12:33PM
How did GameFreak change type effectiveness without giving Ice any resistances?! (Archived)
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ThatKipp3112/31 12:33PM
Should I (Archived)Sl6anHareb312/31 12:31PM
Pokemon colosseum question (Archived)Starslist712/31 12:31PM
If Cynthia walked up to you? (Archived)
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pyrotempestwing13012/31 12:25PM
How would the game change if all IVs were 0? (Archived)NeoNaviZero1012/31 12:25PM
Post game suggestions or move on to another game? (Archived)Vito219812/31 12:24PM
Q on win streak in Battle Maison (Archived)dragonfoxmem512/31 12:23PM
Is it true that males only have a 20% chance to pass down their HA? (Archived)
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Diayamondo1212/31 12:18PM
Imagine If this happened on New Year (Archived)
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sector5761512/31 12:17PM
How did this game pass Nintendo's quality control? (Archived)
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ThatKipp2412/31 12:17PM
Team Building Assistance (Archived)MysteryMan1531112/31 12:13PM
Why in god's name are legendary trios, etc NOT "legendary" on the GTS!!?!? (Archived)
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EmptyStar121612/31 12:13PM
Gonna nuzlocke my way all the way up from Gen III while I wait for Pokebank (Archived)
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gkathellar1212/31 12:06PM
Hoping to finish breeding all competive Kalos Pokemon before 2013 is over (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram112/31 12:04PM
YR: Someone makes a hack game and they're Hoenn remakes for Gen 5. (Archived)legitgamer405812/31 12:02PM
You just wait until I evolve! *favourite fusions* (Archived)D_Winds112/31 12:01PM