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Meowstic,(M or F), or Espurr? (Poll)DigiHerokid41/14/2014
My brother just pointed out... (Archived)
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So what can gamefreak do to fix Gen 3 in a remake? (Archived)
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What happened to that cloud service to get pokemon from the older games in? (Archived)Dark Gunner81/14/2014
Partners for Heracross? (Archived)12345zx1431/14/2014
im sure ur tired of malamar topics (Archived)OOD21/14/2014
Oh the joys of Pokemon Showdown (Archived)
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Something confusing to me about breeding. (Archived)superzero12259141/14/2014
I was playing my copy of X, aka my "rush through the game" copy. At victory road (Archived)Dark Gunner21/14/2014
Cherrim, Doubles Sun Team Super Tank. (Archived)ophanseraph12351/14/2014
146 Box in and still no shiny Froakie. (Archived)
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Comeback conclusion of epic thingy stuff >.> (Archived)TG_Wolf91/14/2014
Suggestions for a third team member for Battle Maison? (Archived)InnerSolace11/14/2014
What starter has the highest trade value on the GTS? (Archived)pkmnpkmn81/14/2014
RMT/Suggest me a mega (Archived)
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How would I breed perfect IVs if... (Archived)
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Gen6 Speed Tier Discussion (Archived)UstafWight61/14/2014
If Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra had a dual typing what would you want it to be? (Poll)
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I thought wonder skin was Sigilyph's HA but guess not. Now to use the ability (Archived)Chenmaster211/13/2014
Bank should be cancelled. (Archived)
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