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So everyone's going to lose the free trial (Archived)
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spincyclematt1312/30 4:18PM
So.... with Fairy Type.... (Archived)
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ElpollogabazXII1912/30 4:17PM
Discussion of the 3v3 singles metagame (Archived)kingjam11012/30 4:15PM
Breeding Help Wanted (Archived)renaxakai712/30 4:15PM
why dont people want my chimchar and feebas (Archived)
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Rydis-Shiko2312/30 4:09PM
What ever happen to the truth behind this? (Archived)Jamesccg412/30 4:08PM
I really, REALLY regret not filling my pokedex up in White 2. (Archived)
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Jigglybuff1112/30 4:07PM
Iron Fist Chimchar pokegenning question (Archived)
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Bugorchestra2112/30 4:05PM
Who requires shell smash? (Poll)
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SkylaIsMyWife5512/30 3:47PM
What move Flareon actually needs: (Archived)HHDeception1012/30 3:45PM
Anybody have links for signature moves. (Archived)ZerohFault412/30 3:41PM
Can you skip catching the legendary by filling your PC like in B/W? (Archived)-Unowninator-612/30 3:40PM
Irony (Archived)Xavuu312/30 3:39PM
Pressure or Frisk on Dusclops? (Poll)calender68412/30 3:39PM
Sacred fire link (Archived)Dante20491012/30 3:38PM
.....really Game Freak? (Archived)
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darkredsteel2912/30 3:36PM
Ice/Steel typing is the only way a Pokemon can take x4 damage from all Emboar's (Archived)GirlHope512/30 3:35PM
Just found a Modest Togepi in the Friend Safari! :D Should I keep it? (Archived)
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Diayamondo1912/30 3:35PM
Guard split shuckle. (Archived)Domino171717112/30 3:32PM
Ghost SE against Psychic?!? WHAT!?! (Archived)
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Dstylez26812/30 3:30PM