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You remember these? (Archived)
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Weakness Policy & Ttar Question (Archived)
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YR: Arceus plates don't take up item slot (Archived)Blackcat012321/15/2014
Theres gonna be no main series Pokemon game this year for real (Archived)ZombieTJ10191/15/2014
What can you do with scizor... (Archived)Fidchel31/15/2014
For those who plan on PokeGenning 6IV ditto for breeding, i have a gift for you (Archived)
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for azumarill it says ice punch is incompatible with another of my moves? (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys101/15/2014
What are the most annoying pokemon to fight IYO? (Archived)Taiphlosion81/15/2014
math question (Archived)cfeuer141/15/2014
Confirm/Deny (Archived)
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Can any non-boosted pokemon OHKO Defensive Stance Aegislash? (Archived)elnimio101/15/2014
If Chesnaught got Drain Punch or Mach Punch would he edge into OU? (Archived)faireytayl41/15/2014
Sun Tank Cherrim is Satan incarnate. (Archived)ophanseraph123101/15/2014
Do You Understand??? (Poll)legendxofxsky101/15/2014
Just got trolled the hardest troll ive ever been trolled (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera41/15/2014
Who needs Pokebank when we've got.. (Archived)Scynt61/15/2014
Pokemon Y Egglocke; Norms and Elites (Archived)
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RMT; Mono Psychic (Archived)TepigSnivy41/15/2014
Earthbound team (Archived)
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Mightyena Moveset (Archived)Kyle_Clarthy61/15/2014