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Should I keep or ditch this Zapdos? Modest; 29/31/27/31/31/24; Hidden Power Ice (Archived)
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-Unowninator-3412/30 6:02PM
ev spread for battle spot gliscor? (Archived)Jamirus2212/30 6:00PM
need help??? (Archived)heavyarmsjim37212/30 5:54PM
your first unown (Archived)
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deuceknight2812/30 5:51PM
Are these tactics banned? (Archived)JudgeMaster612/30 5:51PM
Are these decent Protean Frogadier parents to start breeding with? (Archived)Diayamondo512/30 5:50PM
Which of these two Yveltals should I use for competitive Ubers matches? (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL1112/30 5:49PM
We got 2 clues on Hoenn sequels this month already (Archived)
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ZombieTJ1012912/30 5:47PM
whats a good level to begin battling online? Tips? (Archived)maoriwarrior112/30 5:45PM
Heracross question (Archived)Modalsoul37312/30 5:44PM
Honestly, was there ever a point to a third version? (Archived)
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pokemongames1912/30 5:44PM
Why are the Pokemon movies all about legendary Pokemon? (Archived)
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Azure_Flame2412/30 5:40PM
Facts (Not Clues) Why I Think There Will Be R/S Games This Year (Archived)
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ZombieTJ1011612/30 5:37PM
Yes! I got a Terrakion! (Archived)Sloth9230312/30 5:37PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 20 - Elite Four (Poll)
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ThatKipp2312/30 5:33PM
C/D: Gyarados should get Crunch in XY2/Z/R-S-E Remakes/Whatever the next game is (Archived)J_Applei912/30 5:32PM
Innuendos in pokemon (Archived)
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gameraz2512/30 5:32PM
So what does the Poke Transporter check? (Archived)TwilightRaver812/30 5:28PM
Are you happy that weather was nerfed? (Poll)
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BaboonMan1235212/30 5:28PM
Can I get rest of mega stones by changing DS clock? (Archived)BlueDryBones1912/30 5:26PM