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american players would close the gap between japanese players if (Archived)
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fakefire3212/31 10:42AM
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Stupid breeding question (Archived)Maverick_82512/31 10:37AM
Least favorite _____ type pokemon: Day 1: The normal type (Archived)
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Iwantsandshrew6112/31 10:35AM
I really do hate the trading board (Archived)Tales_of_101712/31 10:33AM
Hasty nature Greninja? (Archived)Diayamondo512/31 10:33AM
Best Legendary to Battle with? (Archived)iTPCi112/31 10:28AM
If Poison type attacks where strong to..... (Archived)
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paipr1712/31 10:27AM
Hasty trading - too good to be true? (Archived)
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ncserran1212/31 10:23AM
Do you think that the trade boards are ruined? (Archived)
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Reshiblue3512/31 10:23AM
How far are you in Battle Maison? (Archived)Hoozah123212/31 10:22AM
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The 3D in this game... (Archived)IngSlayer412/31 10:22AM
Would you believe it If I told you... (Archived)Nathbuds123512/31 10:22AM
Game Sync Registration. (Archived)Tequila_Shot112/31 10:17AM
I currently have an unbroken 201 win streak in the Battle Maison super singles (Archived)kabigon20612/31 10:15AM
Are Japanese and Korean players really that strong? (Archived)
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kclaujames10712/31 10:10AM
ev's regaurding hordes (Archived)Gamehead88212/31 10:09AM
Some really bad players on wifi...... (Archived)drlolimaster612/31 10:08AM
What should I name my female Meganium and female Milotic? (Archived)bbkkristian612/31 10:07AM