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Clefable really needs to have Softboiled re-released. (Archived)
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Help with Mega Abomasnow (Archived)WinterXeo31/14/2014
What would be the best fairy-type to pair-up with Hydreigon? (Archived)Hydreigoon41/14/2014
male espurr iv spread (Archived)KidPain378831/14/2014
So how come many Dragon Pokemon start off as "non-dragons"? Bugs, goo, etc. (Archived)
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So where do you rank this among other Pokemon generations? (Archived)KingTauros11/14/2014
If you could customize the rules, what would you change? (Archived)
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So for a while Psychic's been the sort of de facto magician type, huh? (Archived)Shigmiya6451/14/2014
Why Balloon Pop? (Archived)Nopegineer41/14/2014
Grinding on Serena is great (Archived)
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EV Training? (Archived)GameCDark61/14/2014
So, we have another fire-fighting, huh? (Archived)LagoonTheCursed91/14/2014
Your Reaction: Nintendo releases Pokemon Bank, but not PokeTransfer. (Archived)Kanjuro101/14/2014
Pomeg berry (Archived)Callista0891/14/2014
We need a game where it turns out the player character's mom is the champion (Archived)
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Balloon Popping Game (Archived)Ultima_Wraith71/14/2014
Mirror B. (Archived)
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Help for a team, Super Triple Battle Maison (Archived)Tatan_9311/14/2014
When people challenge you to a battle... (Archived)
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genwunners and hoenn babbies (Archived)
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