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How to win the Battle Maison (Archived)
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KIngdomSora501412/24 1:28PM
OH CRAP MY RIOLU! (caps) (Archived)Shigmiya64812/24 1:27PM
Where to train for E4? (Archived)KIngdomSora50712/24 1:27PM
Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos Question? (Archived)Jessie2012312/24 1:24PM
So when Pokemon Bank comes out, (Archived)legitgamer405512/24 1:24PM
So what's the possible BP for a Sun-Boosted V-Create from a Banded Victini? (Archived)
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Cemith1512/24 1:13PM
Rate the rules in the Singles format. Rule 2: Sleep Clause (Poll)
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darkdragonflame1312/24 1:12PM
Mega Gardivoir set (Archived)Trackstarrunner612/24 1:10PM
It just now hit me. (Archived)
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Great_Reapette1212/24 1:06PM
Board Idea (Archived)Ethanb900612/24 1:02PM
What's with all the Weezing love? (Archived)
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El_Chourico1812/24 1:00PM
ability capsule is a good start, but now we would like a nature capsule (Archived)
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Ballinari1212/24 12:57PM
Hatch a shiny pokemon! (Archived)
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Hoozah1231112/24 12:51PM
Need help with Amoonguss (Archived)Munkeeboi69412/24 12:42PM
C/D: Masuda method works in real life (Poll)RemixDeluxe912/24 12:41PM
Official Seasons Greetings From Your Favorite Pokemon Topic. (Archived)TG_Wolf312/24 12:39PM
PSS profile question (Archived)Fsas_drummer512/24 12:35PM
So I WAS worried that Pokebank would block clones, only allowing the original... (Archived)Azure_Flame312/24 12:35PM
Moss Rock has a Face? (Poll)
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ZeroGravity381512/24 12:33PM
To the people receiving this game for Christmas tommorow... (Archived)yoshirulezzz712/24 12:29PM