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Umbreon and Trevenant? (Archived)AoiHydra10161/14/2014
Marvel Scale Dratini+ ES? (Archived)
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Delphox.. (Archived)
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Help with ev's and Moveset =) (Archived)dobinrules51/14/2014
Anybody else notice the pattern here? (Archived)
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Is it worth going to the VGC if you don't plan on battling? (Archived)Aestuo71/14/2014
Is it true? That EV training is alot easier in this game? (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys71/14/2014
Everyone's Favourite Wonderlocke (Archived)Razzbowski51/14/2014
which format do you play? (Archived)
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Virgina Regional VGC discussion (Archived)
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Do you consider Pokemon (Red,Blue,X&Y,B&W and so on) a JRPG? (Poll)edomon00741/14/2014
It just took me 29 turns to defeat a battle maison jynx with an aegislash (Archived)Number4311/14/2014
Imagine how much of a tank Slowbro would be if... (Archived)J_Applei21/14/2014
I think nintendo earns the prize for best company to ignore their fans (Archived)
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I don't understand IVs... (Archived)
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just for fun cause i thought it was funny (Archived)wettaco1311/14/2014
Which new evee type did you wanted to see in X and Y? (Poll)
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What do you think of this team? (Archived)
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My ranking in PGL has not updated. (Archived)KingNitinuN11/14/2014
How do i change the music in a wifi battle? (Archived)Carlos99451/14/2014