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Why does Normal have to be neutral? (Archived)Kraven_XRLKB1012/14 2:51PM
can previous gen only moves be bred (Archived)CrimsonJudgment212/14 2:47PM
genRun nuzlock playthrough idea.... (Archived)paipr512/14 2:44PM
I am so stressed out right now (Archived)
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Mattata51912/14 2:42PM
Legendary dogs help (Archived)
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GRankbowhunter1612/14 2:40PM
LMAO @ this evasion fail lol (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife512/14 2:38PM
Who else is excited to bring past Pokemon to play with in Pokemon-Amie? (Archived)
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AuraWielder1912/14 2:36PM
ok i havent been playing in a few days because of instacheckers and stuff (Archived)ashcrv712/14 2:30PM
Ability Rater Day 2: Moxie (Poll)
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ssupermario921412/14 2:26PM
They should make a Mega Swellow (Archived)Solar_Crimson1012/14 2:26PM
Just beat the E4, now what? (Archived)green butter712/14 2:23PM
Is there a faster way to build up BP? 16 battles takes too long. (Archived)
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DarkRay1172812/14 2:21PM
What are some cookie cutter teams for doubles matches? (Archived)Seanmasterson512/14 2:16PM
RMT - Sandslash, The Shredder (Archived)
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Nickcool19961512/14 2:16PM
I can't wait to start rejecting battles from people with non-kalos pokemon :D (Archived)
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PokeMin1113712/14 2:14PM
Kingdra EV spread? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer512/14 2:12PM
Question about trading... (Archived)firehockey91712/14 2:11PM
Create a pokemon that counters the above poster's pokemon (Archived)
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iKhan882212/14 2:10PM
What's the big deal about Shinys? (Archived)
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KenPruitt1212/14 2:09PM
Can NPCs have shiny Pokemon? (Archived)Achana512/14 2:01PM