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What are your rarest Bank mons? (Archived)
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Bisharp is good against Aegislash King's Shield (Archived)
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zerooriginal151/10 12:20PM
Before I start breeding, does Bisharp need any egg moves? (Archived)Cj_WlLL_VVlN71/10 12:20PM
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567 Eggs Later... (Archived)
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InsomniaHazard191/10 11:40AM
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Dark void smeargle and extreme speed dratini legal for VGC 2014? (Archived)AvarielFeystar51/10 11:15AM
*Massive Spoiler Warning* Is Lysandre.... (Archived)
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0AbsolutZero0641/10 11:12AM
Name a Pokemon I should train next (Archived)
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megasean3000111/10 11:10AM