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Why oh why does the battle maison AI do these things (Archived)
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How many types of balls are there in ST? (Archived)sonic230721/11 5:08AM
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Flying/Surfing Pikachu animation? (Archived)Nightstar199451/11 4:46AM
Well that was a fun only excursion into Battlespot (Archived)
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Earthshaker191/11 4:45AM
Pokemon Amie reminds me of LovePurasu (Archived)fedartz41/11 4:43AM
any easy way to tell what HP your pkm got? (Archived)Lucky17thguy61/11 4:29AM
Is it Worth Having a Rapid Spinner or a Defogger if you Have Magic Bounce? (Archived)DeathChaser631461/11 4:07AM
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Is Pikachu the best Pokemon? (Archived)
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Jayroach22211/11 4:01AM
Would Umbreon have made more sense as a Ghost type? (Archived)H-L-W91/11 3:58AM
I'm in a worse situation... (Archived)Nightstar199491/11 3:52AM
Type Combinations that Should be (Archived)
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Luigi4President131/11 3:48AM
Isa this Dragonite good? (Archived)
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Bar_bar13111/11 3:47AM
Scizor moveset? (Archived)vanitas1171/11 3:42AM
should i build my alteria physical or special attack? (Archived)Lucky17thguy61/11 3:34AM