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Pokebank Pokemon: Got any bred up yet and battle-ready? (Archived)
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Xigbar7772512/29 1:58AM
Pokemon Gen 6 Release Timeline Guess (Archived)ZombieTJ101112/29 1:56AM
When it comes to 6IV HP Fire breeding, do I have to worry about (Archived)Chenmaster2812/29 1:51AM
People really love Arbok (Archived)bwebber17612/29 1:51AM
so i was playing pokmon and caught an eevee (Archived)grys-vok312/29 1:44AM
Does anyone think the kalos legendary trio (Archived)
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Haku1251212/29 1:44AM
Zebstrika (Archived)Tyler_strazza1012/29 1:41AM
Legit legend collectors; what legends will be missing when they are all on X +Y? (Archived)RotomGuy31012/29 1:41AM
What do you call the legendary trio: Raikou, Suicune and Entei? (Archived)
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AaronMcc199712112/29 1:37AM
Finally got Hydration Lapras. (Archived)ArmoredGuns712/29 1:34AM
To All Legit Players, Freedom is Worth Fighting For (Archived)Hachimitsu83712/29 1:33AM
6ivs legends vs normal (Archived)acewayne39312/29 1:20AM
Samurott actually pulls out it's Sword (Archived)
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Sloth92302112/29 1:20AM
where? (Archived)
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Gamehead19881212/29 1:19AM
Slowbro should be banned to ubers (Archived)
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InninXI2512/29 1:13AM
I'm watching the Pokemon Anime right now on Eshop (It's back up) (Archived)PhantasmShot612/29 1:12AM
Anyone else refraining from using Wonder Trade for whatever reason? (Archived)
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DKU_Arich2012/29 1:10AM
Man...people must be stalking the GTS. (Archived)
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DarkLeemer2312/29 1:05AM