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How do I build this Inkay? (Archived)
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Azure_Flame141/4 5:35AM
Best Moveset for Sylveon? (Archived)majesticator61/4 5:27AM
Does knock off Azumarill currently exist in gen 6? :S (Archived)
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morlock30131/4 5:25AM
Help me with Stored Power Eevee (Archived)GilgameshSwords81/4 5:19AM
RMT - Trick Room Hail team (Archived)tadashii1821/4 5:17AM
question when breeding for shinys (Archived)UprisingThunder91/4 4:59AM
Just hatched a shiny eevee!!!! (Poll)
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LeroyliksMudkip211/4 4:55AM
Do your friends play Call of Duty (or other games) more than Pokemon? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage441/4 4:43AM
PSA: If a non-JPN GTS listing has stats in the trainer message (Archived)
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Engel161/4 4:27AM
Molten Feet ability (Archived)
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YoyokuKO201/4 4:26AM
Pokemon Bank question (Archived)-Raven21/4 4:19AM
Is someone hoping, that Bank will NEVER be released? (Archived)SageKabuto31/4 4:14AM
Pokebank List (Archived)vinhamon31/4 4:14AM
what fire starter is your favorite (Archived)
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clayton1123221/4 4:13AM
Question about jpn dittos. (Archived)vahkseen51/4 4:12AM
Since the damage calculator is down,how many Sp.Atk EVs does it take for Rotom-H (Archived)Chenmaster251/4 3:58AM
Where have all the good players gone? (Archived)
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GloryChaos221/4 3:54AM
So far I've bred 3 boxes of Eevees (Archived)ZX_Cloud61/4 3:51AM
Is it possible to MM a Phione ._.? (Archived)tarzanmx81/4 3:48AM
If your breeding... (Archived)
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DrDon_Chi541/4 3:45AM