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eshop down again. (Archived)Phoenix_Heart412/28 2:16PM
Finally...I'm done!! (Archived)Fsas_drummer812/28 2:15PM
Day 2 of nintendo taking their sweet time. (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon421412/28 2:15PM
Would using forests curse on Shedinja be an interesting Stratergy? (Archived)
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legendrider1112/28 2:13PM
Will I like this game? (Archived)Tropical91312/28 2:12PM
how about a move like trick room tha turns it into an inverse battle? (Archived)
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CarefreeDude1112/28 2:11PM
Ability Rater Day 15: Pressure (Poll)ssupermario92912/28 2:08PM
Face it: Pokebank won't come to west anymore (Archived)
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That_one_1612/28 2:06PM
Am I the only one to find Tyrantrum oddly reminiscent of magikarp (Archived)kadabrium312/28 2:04PM
So exp share (Archived)a4der312/28 2:03PM
Best nature for Porygon Z? (Archived)JustANoOne212/28 1:58PM
YR: As a plese understand, nintendo invents time travel and puts mew under truck (Archived)RandomNinjas812/28 1:56PM
finally got another shiny shuppet.... (Archived)uucest112/28 1:55PM
Got a 5iv Larvitar on the GTS (Archived)Diayamondo412/28 1:55PM
Design a fun and balanced pseudo legendary (Archived)
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Latias0071612/28 1:55PM
Please never ever make Roaming Legends like in DP again. (Archived)RotomGuy3512/28 1:50PM
What does the Blue Pentagon mean? (Archived)Iwantsandshrew512/28 1:45PM
YES! I've finally done it! (Archived)vermillion7191012/28 1:44PM
Just got a Zygarde for Misdreavus. o_O (Archived)
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legitgamer4051112/28 1:43PM
So I finally got the Shining Charm but... (Archived)
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Ac37771112/28 1:38PM