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Craziest Ball you used to catch a Legendary? (Archived)
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how do you make people switch so i can paralyze their whole team? (Archived)chelth712/29/2013
So I caught my first shiny.... (Archived)
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Which gen had the hardest gym puzzles? (Poll)pkmnpkmn1012/29/2013
Would running low speed ivs on swampert for avalanche be advisable? (Archived)drlolimaster312/29/2013
Didn't think Shed Skin Scrafty could pull this off..... (Archived)
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Still don't understand EVs and IVs what they are and how they work. (Archived)
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Uh is pokebank up yet? (Archived)
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Prize money opower+Amulet Coin+Payday+Happy Hour in Le Wow (Archived)rlspin1012/29/2013
Vivillon (Archived)EvilNinjaTurtle412/29/2013
If Malva walked up to you? (Archived)
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The Creation of the Ultimate Prankster Move.. (Archived)TG_Wolf1012/29/2013
Pineco IVs (Archived)Modalsoul37612/29/2013
Pokemon XY are 2D games, according to Nintendo. (Archived)
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Mega venasuar spread? (Archived)Trackstarrunner312/29/2013
TOP 15 pokemon nintendo should make mega evolutions for. (Archived)
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When is POTW gonna do Charizard? (Archived)iKhan88712/29/2013
Filling the Pokedex after Shiny Charm (Archived)chubimauk612/29/2013
VGC and Pokebank (Archived)Fusion2005712/29/2013
Is it possible to create two Pokebank accounts ? (Archived)Gourmont512/29/2013