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Chenmaster22112/16 5:28PM
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Daemonscharm1812/16 5:27PM
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Help my cookie-cutter showdown team isn't winning 100% OMG (Archived)
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chaosmagez1212/16 5:17PM
Shiny Woes (Archived)
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MegaMawile141812/16 5:16PM
Since I started paying more attention to natures and everything this gen (Archived)cgreenw112/16 5:11PM
I love it when a Passerby's message says "Let's battle!" (Archived)
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CakeOfLies2512/16 5:00PM
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What move tutors would you like to see for pokemon Z? (Archived)
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pcmike21312/16 4:56PM
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Bidoof loves me, this I know. For the Pokedex tells me so. (Archived)
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Jokes aside, what pokemon would look good in Kurt's apricot balls? (Archived)Chenmaster2212/16 4:48PM
Advice on rounding out this team? (Archived)DragonmanXD312/16 4:45PM
any chlyrophil type learn fire moves? (Archived)
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Rydis-Shiko1212/16 4:39PM