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biggest thing that bugs me in x/y (Archived)toothpiq812/30/2013
I'm convinced that... (Archived)Diayamondo812/30/2013
I've gotten Shiny Virizion and Shiny Ho-Oh off the GTS this morning... (Archived)GatedSunOne512/30/2013
How do you heal your pokemon? (Poll)ZeroGravity38612/30/2013
Help Please! (Archived)Qdev99512/30/2013
Prism Scale any wild pokemon hold this item (Archived)iTPCi512/30/2013
Perfect Legendaries on GTS (Archived)seanh94812/30/2013
Pokebank and Hacked Pokemon (Archived)
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So, I thought I had all the (non-legendary) bank exclusives... (Archived)tarzanmx112/30/2013
breeding a male ha gligar with ditto? (Archived)Jamirus2312/30/2013
They should make this an event pikachu. (Archived)loffter712/30/2013
anyone try using a sand force excadrill? (Archived)DoobieScooby412/30/2013
Is there a trick room ability like sand stream and drought? (Archived)giants9281412/30/2013
my opinion on how nintendo/gamefreak dealt with hack checks for pokebank (Archived)Karnage4208238612/30/2013
Ferrothorn, Tyrantrum and Jellicent make a pretty good core right? (Archived)TickleTub512/30/2013
Breeding... (Archived)duskblack612/30/2013
What is the first thing you do after you Have transferred and bred your pokemon? (Archived)Catalyst586412/30/2013
What is able to OHKO both Gourgeist-Super and Trevenant? (Archived)
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Why isn't there an Uber Doubles Ladder on Showdown? (Archived)grys-vok512/30/2013
What made latios/latias uber in gen 3, but then ou in future gens? (Archived)pcmike2812/30/2013