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So can we agree that this game is OVERRATED? (Archived)
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Do you keep your Focus Sash if you use it in the battle mansion thing? (Archived)Lucky17thguy212/29/2013
Whirlwind and Roar are the same, right? So why does everything say Whirlwind? (Archived)
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Pokemon Bank - Will come soon (Archived)
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Do you hate it when other players take forever? (Archived)
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Metal Gear Raxis1312/29/2013
F***ING FINALLY! After 200 eggs I get my f***ing flawless Scyther (Archived)Daemonscharm1012/29/2013
Destiny Knot Breeding Question (Archived)NiinjaDylan812/29/2013
Rage quitters gives you a win. (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark112/29/2013
What's the point of Grudge when there is Destiny Bond? (Archived)MindwalkerX712/29/2013
Is speed really important for Gardevoir? (Archived)vanitas11512/29/2013
New type: Art (Archived)
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I'm new to smogon and i noticed that... (Archived)vanitas11212/29/2013
One thing I don't understand... About hacked ditto.... (Archived)
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I wish all trades were as fast as trading between XD and gen 3 (Archived)Lady-Lucy212/29/2013
In your opinion, will there be any main series Pokemon game in 2014? (Archived)ZombieTJ1011012/29/2013
YOUR REACTION: All future event pokemon only available if paying for pokebank (Archived)
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Pickup question (Archived)dobinrules412/29/2013
What kind of teams should I create before Pokebank releases? (Archived)TableFlip312/29/2013
Everstone Breeding for a specific ability (Archived)eli_loves_ddr812/29/2013
How do I give Manectric Hidden Power Ice (Archived)MrPietro10812/29/2013