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Should I keep this larvitar? (Archived)gameboy31451012/29/2013
Twin Eggs (Archived)BeansDragon412/29/2013
Who don you have as your special sweeper? Physical sweeper? (Archived)
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is it just me or is Dragon Dance Tyranitar kinda poo? (Archived)
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All I want is a male Bagon...a tale of breeding RNG woe... (Archived)
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dat shiny MMY (Archived)Great_Reapette312/29/2013
I think most people are so salty over poke bank because (Archived)
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Which is worse, a 0 IV with a + Nature, or a 31 IV with a - Nature? (Archived)HHDeception812/29/2013
def or sp.def for milotic? (Archived)MegaDuran212/29/2013
Destiny knot (Archived)Trackstarrunner812/29/2013
LEAST Favorite Design D4: Grass Starter (Overall) (Poll)
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Thank you kind people on GTS with Pokebank (Archived)Maverick_82612/29/2013
Looker Quest #2 (Archived)renaxakai912/29/2013
Ideas for a 6th poke to round out my team? (Archived)solarlens112/29/2013
ITT: Give me ideal IV and EV spreads for the Sinnoh starters (Archived)KingChickadee412/29/2013
Any good, heartwarming stories to share about the GTS? (Archived)
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Hidden Powers (Archived)Th30n1yZ34312/29/2013
Is Mega Lucario a good lead? (Archived)
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Can someone help me with this team (Archived)GravelKing612/29/2013
Question About Friend Safari (Archived)mbruno3512/29/2013