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So i just got an Unown from Wonder Trade... (Archived)KIngdomSora501012/30/2013
What if instead of R/S sequels, they make a R/S based Sequel for X and Y? (Archived)CarefreeDude812/30/2013
People are still ragequitting... (Archived)OphieII612/30/2013
Mega Launcher + Heal Pulse (Archived)TopStarRacer212/30/2013
I have this Charmeleon (Archived)pyrotempestwing312/30/2013
Rate my idea for a Paper Crane pokemon (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So, can hacked illegal abilities make it through bank? (Archived)CarefreeDude412/30/2013
Most convoluted breeding? (Archived)ShadowAngemon112/30/2013
Chances to catch a legendary 5iv (Archived)Beliath99912/30/2013
Mega Evolution's you feel could have been perfect standard Evolution's (Archived)TheSnubbz912/30/2013
Help with Passing down Abilities Please? (Archived)Dragon-Flower412/30/2013
Got a Shinx with fire, ice, thunder fang, what's the best thing to do? (Archived)znyrk212/30/2013
Friend Safari actually being generous... shocker! (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger212/30/2013
does friend safari increase the chance of rare wild hold items? (Archived)Tsukasa1891612/30/2013
Mismagius EV Build (Archived)Ethanb900312/30/2013
Server communcation problem or the person rage quit (Archived)galpal1987612/30/2013
Mew question! (thanks in advance) (Archived)joseleon99812/30/2013
Whoever sent me a shiny Luvdisc on WT, thank you! (Archived)gladwyn101512/30/2013
VGC Amoonguss Ability (Poll)
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Gah, don't you hate it when you're wonder trading breeding rejects and (Archived)Number43612/30/2013
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