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...Huh. This is interesting about Orre. (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson1111/26 6:31PM
Does anyone else use Fling + Berry combo for determining a Pokemon's nature? (Archived)
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Kiro_nami1211/26 6:24PM
Am I doing the masuda method right? (Archived)
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chrisisnotanoaf1411/26 6:23PM
Game versions (language) and the Masuda method. (Archived)BrassBirch311/26 6:18PM
Can I see my own Friend Safari? (Archived)
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Knight_of_Malta1611/26 6:16PM
Evasion can be countered. (Archived)GloryChaos811/26 6:16PM
Tile Puzzle mini game? (Archived)Skittyism111/26 6:09PM
Curse on Chesnaught (Archived)Xtreme Gamer811/26 6:06PM
Differences between females and males in regards to breeding mechanics? (Archived)XxOblivion77611/26 6:04PM
Crazy Ralts Coincidence (or is it?) (Archived)ErroneousNick211/26 6:04PM
What pokemon fail to live up to their real-world basis? (Archived)Scythemantis511/26 6:04PM
Doublade (Archived)ThretZ411/26 6:03PM
Is it me, or are scammers rampant in the trading board lately? (Archived)RintheCheese511/26 6:02PM
Money in Pokemon X is like rupees in Zelda Ocarina of Time (Archived)bi0hazardxox811/26 6:01PM
What are some good Sword Dance/Baton Pass pokemon? (Archived)dontdodrugs1011011/26 5:59PM
you are now forced to use this pokemon in your team! (Archived)
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strider_1235811/26 5:58PM
Ev Training (Archived)stealthwolf22111/26 5:57PM
Excadrill set (Archived)Spiral55811/26 5:54PM
If you could just remove something from next gen what would it be? (Poll)
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Aldath6711/26 5:45PM
rotom not affected by thunder wave? (Archived)Rasb_Burrise811/26 5:45PM