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Bronzong. (Archived)Tisroero111/29 1:28PM
I hate to say it... but, Slaking looks disgusting this game. (Archived)AgressiveSmurf411/29 1:26PM
Man, could you imagine if Nature Power was made a TM last gen? (Archived)-Unowninator-311/29 1:21PM
Hey guys ... you are not going to believe this ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster22711/29 1:20PM
Good Egg Move Pokemon and Hidden Ability Pokemon? (Archived)tjpnoii611/29 1:20PM
So who's the most powerful Exploding Pokemon? (Archived)
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TableFlip1611/29 1:07PM
So are there no maniacs at all in this game? (Archived)j_coat411/29 1:05PM
Best Baton Pass partner for Speed Boost Scolipede? (Archived)
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X Slayer007 X1411/29 1:03PM
Most wanted trainer classes (Poll)Emerald_Melios911/29 1:00PM
Game Freak killed my favorite dragon (Archived)
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Pikachu115942311/29 12:59PM
This game is available in Spanish, right? (Archived)vash520311/29 12:54PM
On paper this team sucks, but it's really winning me a lot of matches.. somehow. (Archived)Cemith1011/29 12:54PM
Game of Thrones team (Archived)Jorum911/29 12:53PM
what's your quickest way to get pokepuffs? (Archived)enferno333411/29 12:47PM
Just lost in Battle Maison. Feeling pathetic. (Archived)
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supremeblaster2911/29 12:42PM
lol what (Archived)loffter111/29 12:35PM
What is this? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman711/29 12:35PM
The game just trolled me so bad... (Archived)Xtreme Gamer811/29 12:32PM
Ever Masuda a shiny only to realize you didn't like its color scheme? (Archived)AODSoulUnison811/29 12:29PM
Favourite battling theme? (Poll)legendrider811/29 12:27PM