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Odds of finding a HA Pokemon in Hordes or FS (Archived)Takaoldaria1012/7 4:51AM
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Best ending for the pokemon series (Poll)
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Chuko_Liang2412/7 4:24AM
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Adamant trevenant (Archived)
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Shadicc1612/7 3:29AM
Best ev spread and moveset for Marowak? (Archived)aydosv612/7 3:27AM
Getting HP Grass on my Houndour (Archived)
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kuro-shinigami1212/7 3:25AM
Crazy theory: the lower you parents' ivs are, the higher chance of the baby (Archived)YoyokuKO712/7 3:25AM
Should I keep this Mewtwo for my MMewtwo Y or soft reset for something better? (Archived)
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psp912012/7 3:23AM
Another question about Perish song. (Archived)Skull_pro212/7 3:17AM
Rmt pokemon showdown lucario sweep (Archived)Grapes_37312/7 3:17AM
Say which Pokemon the user's name above you reminds you of. (Archived)
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keflyn43112/7 3:15AM
I love when you can talk to people on Pokemon Showdown (Archived)WiseWarrior101412/7 3:07AM