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How do I give Manectric Hidden Power Ice (Archived)MrPietro10812/29/2013
Only a Male Frillish Will Do (Archived)
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Bad plays you've made when battling? (Archived)
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What do you actually think about the missing season system from bw/bw2? (Archived)
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Does anyone that has a lot of 6 IV's Ditto in Pokebank will do a giveway? (Archived)
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I have a friend that uses Talonflame.. (Archived)aburame13912/29/2013
OMG Shiny mudkip! (Archived)Frostheat_22812/29/2013
Where is the Reveal Glass in Reflection Cave? (Archived)flametakuya412/29/2013
30+ Lucky Punches, 2 Lucky Eggs, 1 Shiny Chansey (Archived)YoyokuKO612/29/2013
Everytime i see an aegislash user, they're not very good at it >___> (Archived)
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Anyone got the Oval Charm yet? (Archived)
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Cosmic Moon Power Lopunny! (Archived)Hoozah123512/29/2013
What event pokemon do you want to see in 2014? (Archived)
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Getting Fired Up.. (Archived)TG_Wolf412/29/2013
How to build a Meganium? (Archived)
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So I have been very lucky on GTS (Archived)RyanDaRaikou512/29/2013
YOUR REACTION: BANK goes online - Crash after 8 hours due overload - same again (Archived)SageKabuto612/29/2013
Can Xerneas be refought if I knock it out? (Archived)ChackKeldy15712/29/2013
How do I get Defog onto Scyther? (Archived)Vivisqeq912/29/2013
is it possible to get totodile HA and timburr's elemental punches? (Archived)GymLeader612/29/2013