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What happens if you turn off your game or lose power in battle maison? (Archived)CarefreeDude411/27 5:24PM
Is Tentaquil in this? (Archived)
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lolcomotive1611/27 5:22PM
Are we able to read X/Y save data with Pokegen or the like? (Archived)SunSoI611/27 5:22PM
Can you get Custap berry in this game? (Archived)Spockmaster3000511/27 5:21PM
Need help making an all Godzilla team. (Archived)
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dj42421711/27 5:20PM
Question for anyone with advanced knowledge of gen 5 PKM data (Archived)Tank_NS311/27 5:16PM
so if I wait until the absolute last second before picking a move (Archived)
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JakeisaLie1211/27 5:15PM
Thoughts on Egg Giveaways (Archived)lucyrules20111/27 5:13PM
Would Iron Head, Poison Jab, or Stone Edge work best for Scarf Garchomp? (Archived)Destroyer_713911/27 5:13PM
The unofficial guide to wonder trade! (Archived)
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JaredtheGreat1311/27 5:09PM
what is sv? (Archived)Omega4070211/27 5:06PM
Will the pokeradar chain stay if I switch my Pokemon around? (Archived)lennethsoki611/27 5:05PM
I blame the IV system for all this (Archived)
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SnowxReturns2711/27 5:01PM
Just went online and got my rating sent from 1718 in singles to... (Archived)
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K_of_Spades2411/27 4:59PM
Hydreigon has the most terrifying design in existence (Archived)
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Benify2811/27 4:59PM
It's time... (Archived)firehockey91711/27 4:58PM
When I see someone use a Blaziken from that red Cherish Ball (Archived)
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Irnkman1911/27 4:56PM
Burns in weather? (Archived)SirPikachu511/27 4:54PM
chamdelure or volcarona? (Archived)
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dryingpan1011711/27 4:52PM
Can someone give me a rundown on Instacheck/values/etc. (Archived)Geminia999711/27 4:51PM