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Man, prediction in fights can get intense. (Archived)
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I hate the Random Number God. (Archived)Lord_Ichmael812/28/2013
First time on Showdown (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis112/28/2013
Instructions on How To Clone (Archived)The_Undest1012/28/2013
This annoying kid won't stop challenging me. Is there a way to block him? (Archived)CarefreeDude812/28/2013
I'm having trouble creating a team that I enjoy, could I get some help? (Archived)NATOaster612/28/2013
Still don't understand the sharply anti-IV mindset{warning: another longish one} (Archived)
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YR : Every Pokemon with a "Z" in their name gets a Mega Evoution in Z version (Archived)
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Does nobody use klutz Lopunny? (Archived)
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POLL: My Pangoro Build. Which is better? (Poll)AsianSuperman412/28/2013
Did anyone ever test if non-Kalos balls (aside HG/SS ones) passed when breeding? (Archived)
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I have a hacked shiny 6 iv ditto for pokebank transfer. (Archived)
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Good rapid spinner for sun team? (Archived)Mello_Jello512/28/2013
Synchronoise on vaporeon? (Archived)KhmerLKid312/28/2013
How do you clone? (Archived)SooperKewlGuy812/28/2013
I'm really tired of that darn (Archived)Renalia212/28/2013
Wonder Trading 90 Flawless Timid Froakies. (Archived)
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Feraligator SD vs DD (Archived)Shadicc312/28/2013
Just fought a Japanese player in free battle (Archived)Vito219312/28/2013
Choice Band... (Archived)SkyCake612/28/2013