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Sugestion on Amie (Archived)
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Hachimitsu831112/14 4:10PM
Can a choice scarfed Nidoking outspeed a jolly Aerodactly. (Archived)
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Rogue931712/14 4:05PM
Help with breeding Deino! Am I doing something wrong? :O (Archived)
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bloopertime2012/14 4:05PM
Owning Miiverse Scrubs (Archived)
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GrandJon1912/14 4:05PM
How to EASILY let smeargle sketch any move (Archived)
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PokeMin1111212/14 4:04PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 4 - Story (Poll)
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ThatKipp3012/14 3:58PM
Why is my patch update 1.2 not working? (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon612/14 3:56PM
Whats stronger? STAB outrage at neutral damage or a super effective earthquake? (Archived)JPSVR512/14 3:47PM
I'm suprised no one uses Jolteon online (Archived)
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Nathbuds1231912/14 3:46PM
Is Megachomp salvagable? (Archived)RotomGuy3812/14 3:43PM
Most worthless ability on a specific Pokemon? (Archived)
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MasterPeteDiddy6512/14 3:42PM
Would Baton Pass be better with decreased priority? (Archived)Shigmiya64312/14 3:34PM
how should i ev train this yveltal? (Archived)hesu2000512/14 3:31PM
Okay, this is how i see you PrettyTonyTiger when you talk about Pokemoms/girls.. (Archived)
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legendxofxsky1912/14 3:30PM
One question about EVs... (Archived)MasterTankallex412/14 3:26PM
Ragequits : ( (Archived)That_one_612/14 3:25PM
Should I consider Talonflame over Volcarona for my team? (Archived)
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Hierarchy2251412/14 3:24PM
Which of these EV spreads is better suited to ChestoRest Rotom-Wash? (Archived)Bugorchestra612/14 3:24PM
I'm probably late but (Archived)Teh_Maimed612/14 3:24PM
How does the reddit Friend Safari thing work? (Archived)TkShot212/14 3:20PM