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Best EV training hordes? (Archived)LordEphraim311/27 4:50PM
ha thats what you get for defending the hackers and not caring (Archived)
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ashcrv1211/27 4:50PM
What's the worst nature for a Charizard? (Archived)
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Emi32802211/27 4:49PM
What is the oddest thing you had ever gotten in Wonder Trade? (Archived)
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Areum1311/27 4:41PM
Aerodactyl's rock head? (Archived)firehockey91511/27 4:36PM
Friendship advice? (Archived)GameNerd1994911/27 4:36PM
Mixed Aegislash Set Help (Archived)AnimalsRCrossin111/27 4:35PM
List of Pokemon that require breeding (Archived)InturnlDemize511/27 4:31PM
Are Burns overpowered? (Poll)
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gunsndroses2511/27 4:30PM
need help on doubles team (Archived)rokou15311/27 4:29PM
OH!! The irony!! (Archived)
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yomomma09191411/27 4:25PM
question about online battles (Archived)
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darxus1411/27 4:24PM
Would you use this Aron? (Archived)Mairuzu611/27 4:16PM
For singles, who would be a good teammate for Lucario? (Archived)Seanmasterson211/27 4:14PM
What can I get for a shiny eevee (Archived)Adumigan311/27 4:14PM
Which 2 fang moves for Tyrantrum? (Archived)
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firehockey911811/27 4:10PM
Trick room snow ideas needed. ( Double battling ) (Archived)Jaricko811/27 4:06PM
Can someone fill me in? i'm way out of the loop (Archived)
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shinstrike1611/27 4:03PM
Lucky Mewtwo IVs, excpet for Def :l (Archived)edls411/27 4:01PM
The Gen that was said to be the most hacked proof (Archived)
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360pages1511/27 4:00PM