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If Agumon were a pokemon, What Type would be? (Archived)
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BlackAgumon54412/10 7:56AM
The general consensus on... (Archived)
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GameNerd19945312/10 7:55AM
someone got a spare toxic orb? (Archived)maxroozen712/10 7:42AM
What if Pokemon got fighting game-esque comeback mechanics? (Archived)ultimaDIA812/10 7:34AM
Let's say nice things about our least favorite region/generation. (Archived)
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ReachOutToTruth1212/10 7:17AM
I hate Route 13... (Archived)GameNerd1994612/10 7:10AM
Any tips to pokeradar chain ditto? (Archived)
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Pupu271812/10 7:04AM
Oh my... I have 315+ Hours played... (Archived)
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SazukeEX5912/10 6:57AM
Can somebody check my Trainer Shiny Value? (Archived)TheDoctorIsln312/10 6:52AM
Could somebody tell me if this is a glitch or intended? (Archived)Rikardo90512/10 6:44AM
I made a team based on Gary's R/B team - here's my first battle! (Archived)
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Stanemac122612/10 6:19AM
What does This mean? (Archived)sunxenxyden812/10 6:08AM
Who here has gotten all the Mega Stones including version exclusives? (Archived)
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faruway2012/10 5:54AM
Volt Tackle Pikachu IV Breeding? (Archived)megasean3000512/10 5:45AM
Faced a Swampert at the Maison (Archived)crunchy612412/10 5:39AM
Is there a canon Canon canon in this game? (Archived)TheApd_Returns712/10 5:36AM
Tangela... (Archived)_____------712/10 5:29AM
Gastrodon (Archived)Goofee18212/10 5:19AM
Aegislash Build? (Archived)PANG0R0312/10 5:09AM
Is trick a viable move in double battles? (Archived)JPSVR312/10 5:06AM