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whats the purpose of Aimie in Post game? (Archived)
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Whats a good Ferrothorn counter (Archived)
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Has anyone breeding to get Moonblast on Milotic yet? (Archived)bbkkristian312/28/2013
X&Y Names represent the Dialogue between cultures and player interaction (Archived)kinode112/28/2013
This game has some beautiful NPCs (Archived)
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Whats more pathetic? Magikarp in BW or XY? (Archived)ZombieTJ101412/28/2013
What sort of IVs will I need for a Wash Rotom (Archived)Tales_of_1011012/28/2013
Is the bank available? (Archived)Beliath99512/28/2013
How come sableye isn't in OU? (Archived)
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Any possible tricks to getting a 6IV Ditto on the GTS? (Archived)
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Elixers. Can they be bought? Or other alternative? (Archived)N64Mario312/28/2013
Brand new to pokemon (Archived)leeman7912/28/2013
Would you say Pokemon is still as popular as it was back in the day? (Archived)TheTitan991012/28/2013
Defensive EV spread? (Archived)pokenoms312/28/2013
I chose a girl in my Y (2nd version) And I get a lot of game chat requests. (Archived)
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Is this too hardcore? (Archived)
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Would you use pokemon with Unerve if... (Archived)
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Which is the easier to get fully evolved Pokemon that has Compound Eyes? (Archived)Safer_777612/28/2013
Is a Flash Fire Entei possible? (Archived)elnimio112/28/2013
Did Bank and Transporter get delayed in the states? (Archived)manafyxgames612/28/2013