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Should GameFreak un-nerf explosion? (Poll)
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code_kirin1312/17 6:52AM
I don't get these hacking/play legit topics. (Archived)legitgamer4051012/17 6:19AM
How do you breed to get a Riolu? Does Luke need to have an item? Also a poll. (Poll)
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The Fir Coat1212/17 6:11AM
Showdown has the WORST servers going! (Archived)JPSVR612/17 6:08AM
Articuno keep?? (Archived)vengence03043612/17 6:07AM
Is there any way to update Pokemon X without going to Nintendo eshop? (Archived)BlackAntSP412/17 6:02AM
I FINALLY WON 50 streak SUPER SINGLE WITH MIRACLE!! (Archived)kai013912/17 6:02AM
Game Sync help! (Archived)dobinrules712/17 6:01AM
Hottest Gym Leader: Round One - FIGHT (Poll)
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ReachOutToTruth1912/17 6:00AM
heracross Magenta (my story) (Heracross users only) (Info) (Archived)TurboAE86412/17 6:00AM
Screenshots on miiverse? (Archived)TheOPMagikarp612/17 5:56AM
Wtf is going on with all these Amie gifts?!? (Archived)znyrk312/17 5:53AM
Getting back in to pokemon, team suggestions? (Archived)zombiabsol112/17 5:51AM
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 58 - Malamar vs. Aegislash QUARTERFINALS (Poll)
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kirbydude3851212/17 5:48AM
3v3 instead of 6/6 (Archived)Mouseke912/17 5:37AM
Zygarde OU or Uber? (Archived)
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JudgeMaster1412/17 5:31AM
Tyranitar moveset (Archived)ragunna1012/17 5:28AM
Battle Mason Rant :/ (Archived)
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AAKSOCOLD1112/17 5:24AM
Which PokeBank Pokemon are you most looking forward to? (Part 5) (Poll)
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endergamer5371312/17 5:24AM
Can you use Mimic on your ally Pokemon? (Archived)ArmoredGuns212/17 5:14AM