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Is it possible to get charizard with fire punch? (Archived)
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Total noob question... (Archived)mu695212/28/2013
Does anyone know what the PSS icons mean? (Archived)GinIchimaru101312/28/2013
Giveaway for mudkips. (Archived)HELPER11712/28/2013
New hypothesis about why IVs are still there (NOT so long) (Archived)Skyknight412/28/2013
One change I would love with this game (Archived)GilgameshSwords712/28/2013
Pokemon X and Y Secret ID's (Archived)Jamartty45812/28/2013
Battle mansion help! (Archived)ImFelix1012/28/2013
Assault Vest Conkeldurr Appreciation Thread V2 (Archived)Lady-Lucy1012/28/2013
Pokemon Transporter (Archived)TheUW0312/28/2013
A question about RNG (Archived)bobika99712/28/2013
TIL: Mew was only available to the US for a 15 day event since Gen IV. (Archived)Judgmenl612/28/2013
Are Gen 4 and Gen 2 the best two gens? (Archived)
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HHH is the game16712/28/2013
You...can't actually catch Snorlax on route 7 can you? (Archived)
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Storm Chamber1712/28/2013
Hoenn Confirmed? (Poll)
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How important are Mega Evolutions? (Archived)
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Which Hoenn songs are you looking forward to hearing remixes of in the remakes? (Archived)
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A glimmer of hope.... maybe. (Archived)
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There sure are a lot of "guides" to obtain pokemon on ebay (Archived)zelionx412/28/2013
I got a Jolly Landorus and a Jolly Zekrom from the GTS (Archived)
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