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The finer details of PokeBank? (Archived)
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zhellybelly1212/27 10:10AM
Is this a terrible idea? (Archived)Number43312/27 10:09AM
So is Soul Dew even in this game? (Archived)
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TheForevergelo1312/27 10:09AM
Best entry hazard pokemons? (Archived)vanitas11312/27 10:09AM
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I need something to Counter older brother (Archived)
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Switch_Minamoto1412/27 10:05AM
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Fastest pokemon that can Circle Throw? (Archived)
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vanitas111512/27 9:58AM
Pokemon Bank? (Archived)
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PANG0R01112/27 9:55AM
Do you care about shinies enough to try and get a competitive one? (Poll)
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Kementarri1612/27 9:51AM
RMT ... No bank nonsense here (Archived)
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BMorgn661712/27 9:51AM
What if the Celebi later unlocks an event... (Archived)kinode512/27 9:43AM
Mudkip Christmas giveaway (Archived)
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ElNurgling3812/27 9:43AM
Nuzlocke Help (Archived)
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Xerxes1321612/27 9:42AM
Mudkip (Archived)Shadicc812/27 9:42AM
Guys what do I have to do to get a bred Feebas from a legit Feebas/Milotic? (Archived)
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Chenmaster21212/27 9:38AM
Anything new with cyndaquil? (Archived)link55588912/27 9:37AM